Any class that you select to be graded as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory for the semester will not count towards your cumulative (overall) GPR. You will still earn completed credit hours if you receive a Satisfactory grade for a course, but it will have neither a positive nor negative impact on your GPR. For this semester only, if you receive an Unsatisfactory grade for a course, you will not earn credit hours, and it will have neither a positive nor negative impact on your GPR. An Unsatisfactory course may, however, affect your 30/60/90 Hour Rule progress.

Any class that you select to be graded with a letter grade will, as usual, count towards your cumulative (or overall) GPR and will still count toward your completed credit hours for 30/60/90, if you achieve a passing grade. 

PLEASE NOTE: Transfer credit, dual credit, or AP/IB credit will continue to count toward the 30/60/90 Hour Rule. Unsatisfactory or incomplete grades (F, U, I, X, W, or NG) will not count towards the total earned credit hours requirement.

We encourage you to make choices regarding grading based on what is best for you academically and not based on any impact to your scholarship eligibility.  Know that you will have the opportunity to appeal if your academic progress has been hindered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information on how your cumulative GPR is calculated, please visit the Office of the Registrar website

For the official University guidelines for grading this semester, please visit the COVID-19 website.

Scholarship grading requirements may be different if you are the recipient of a scholarship(s) awarded by a University college/department or an external scholarship organization. Please contact them directly with questions or clarification.



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