PNN Pune (Maharashtra) [India], July 6: Asthma is a chronic, long-term inflammatory condition of the airways that affects more than 235 million people globally, according to WHO. It is characterised by instances of coughing, chest tightness, wheezing, or shortness of breath. Typically, allergens like pollen, dust, smoke, and pet dander cause an allergic reaction that leads to asthma.

Jehangir Hospital, Pune has a comprehensive unit, comprising specialist doctors with skilled expertise in the treatment and cure of asthma. The team diligently aims to provide the required care, diagnosis and treatment of asthma to provide a seamless experience for a healthier lifestyle. Specialists at Jehangir Hospital, Pune conduct breathing tests called spirometry tests to measure breathing. Other tests include chest X-rays and blood tests to rule out conditions that cause similar symptoms. In case allergies are suspected, doctors request an allergy test to identify the allergens and check whether or not they are asthma triggers. Peak Flow Meter is also used to measure how quickly you can expel air from your lungs. Dr Pankaj Jain, Consultant Pulmonologist and Chest Physician at Jehangir Hospital, Pune comments "Smoking and tobacco consumption are implicated in the causes of cancer in over 25% cases. As nicotine present in tobacco is highly addictive as it stimulates the release of dopamine- a feel-good chemical that leads to craving and dependence. Smoking not only affects active smokers but also second-hand or passive smokers as for every eight smokers who die from a smoking-related disease, one passive smoker dies of second-hand smoking."

Smoking is observed to trigger asthma attacks, it alters the blood's carbon monoxide levels, harms the lining of the airways, and increases airway resistance. WHO claims that on average, tobacco consumption shortens a person's lifespan by 10 years and increases the risk of serious illnesses like COPD, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and fertility problems in long-term smokers. Dr Mahindra Kawedia, Consultant Chest Physician at Jehangir Hospital added, "One major issue in Asthma Management is "Difficult-to-treat asthma". It is asthma that remains uncontrolled despite treatment, or asthma that requires high medication to remain well controlled. We, at Jehangir Hospital, have the expertise to manage such patients with Biological Medications -- which include omalizumab (Xolair), mepolizumab (Nucala) and benralizumab (Fasenra) --These agents are specifically for people who have severe asthma."

Experts at Jehangir Hospital help patients to diagnose and treat lung diseases and quit smoking and tobacco. Doctors may recommend utilizing a rescue inhaler to immediately open the airways or a long-term controller inhaler to reduce inflammation for several hours or days. Leukotriene modifiers, newer biologics, subcutaneous injections, and oral medicines may be suggested to some patients. Jehangir Hospital, Pune has been successfully helping in the treatment and management of asthma. The hospital's healthcare systems are devoted to educating patients and offering the required therapies. Professionals also advise on how to use preventive measures most effectively and suggest lifestyle modifications to help preserve healthy airway function.

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