Cipla has claimed that its latest phase of patient awareness campaign, ‘Berok Zindagi’, reached an audience of nearly 20+ crores across its various engagement activities.

Led by the #InhalersHainSahi film, and further extended through social media, the campaign focused on increasing awareness about inhalers as a safe and effective mode of treatment for people with asthma.

Amplified through a digital-first approach, the campaign reiterated the company’s efforts to raise awareness about asthma through channels that inform, educate, and enhance doctor-patient communication.

With a goal of driving patient-centred, impact-focused initiatives, Cipla conducted a consumer awareness study to understand the current state of asthma awareness and inhaler acceptance in the country.

Key findings from the study included that 36% of individuals still do not accept inhalers as an effective way to manage asthma, and 40% of parents still believe that inhalers are not suitable for children.

Dr Vikas Gupta, India RX Head, Cipla said, “We’re happy to see our latest film reach such a vast audience - traversing the boundaries of language and geography. This encourages us to continue building on our efforts to increase awareness about asthma and inhalers, by addressing myths as well as stigma, thereby empowering asthmatics to live a life, truly berok (unstoppable).”

“Even though inhalation therapy is the recommended treatment for asthma management[3], myths about inhalers ranging from side-effects, addictiveness, and even social stigma have plagued the effective management of the disease. Tackling these barriers by educating the masses and sparking social conversations – Cipla has driven this patient-centric mission through the #BerokZindagi campaign,” he added.

The other key findings of the study are:

- While 53% of the total respondents believe that inhalers have a low dose, 37% still don’t believe that inhalers are safe for managing asthma.

- 40% of respondents who are caregivers of children with breathing problems believe that inhalers aren’t safe for managing asthma, suitable for children or even the right treatment for asthma.

- Amongst lapsers i.e., those who used inhaler for a short period of time but abruptly stopped - 35% of the respondents attributed social stigma as the reason for discontinuation.

- 36% of respondents who have never tried to use an inhaler i.e., rejectors, believed that inhalers were to be used only in case of severe asthma or during an attack.

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