BALTIMORE — Wildfires in Canada have caused an air quality alert for most of Maryland.

The smoke is giving people with lung issues like asthma and COPD trouble and could even be dangerous if you’re exposed to it for too long.

Francisco River spent the morning rollerblading and didn't notice a difference in his breathing but could smell something was off.

“It smelled like a burning tire, like a tire was burning, that’s how it smelled," said Rivera.

For Tea Williams, who has asthma, the feeling got so bad he decided to put on a mask.

“When I walked outside this morning you could tell it was foggy and it smelled like something was burning, it smelled like a fire," said Williams.

Williams isn’t alone, plenty of people with lung issues are feeling the same way.

“So even people that don’t have lung disease are going to feel a little bit different, they may feel a tickle in their throat, they may even feel a different sensation in their mouth," said Dr. Nirav Shah with the University of Maryland Medical Center.

The smog is coming from Canadian wildfires sending small particles of debris our way.

The result is a code red for Maryland’s air quality making it difficult for some people to breathe, especially those with underlying lung conditions.

“They are going to feel it is heavier to breathe, that they just aren’t getting as much air in as they would want to," said Dr. Shah.

Dr. Shah says to avoid being outdoors for long periods of time.

If you can’t stay in, it might be time to bring out that COVID mask again.

“I know everyone thought we were done with the COVID masks, but pull those masks out because I think they can help," said Dr. Shah.

Children should also avoid being outside for a long period of time especially if they have asthma or a lung condition. If you’re feeling a struggle to breathe he says to contact your doctor.

According to the Department of the Environment, this haze will start to clear out tomorrow and we’ll notice a real difference on Thursday.

Maryland leaders like the Governor took to social media to advise residents to stay indoors.

We want to know if this haze affecting your daily routine. Vote now in our newest poll:

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