June 8, 2023 in Washington, DC

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June 8, 2023 in Washington, DC. A recent report showed that unhealthy air quality is forecast to continue in parts of the Midwest, especially in Chicago and Minneapolis. Poor air quality can become bad for your health

The weather forecast said that unhealthy air quality could emerge in the Midwest, especially in Minneapolis and Chicago, due to the smoke from Canadian wildfires.

Recently, CNN reported that parts of the Northeast recorded poor air quality that reached unhealthy levels.

The raging wildfires in Canada have been the main concern due to the impact of smoke in parts of the United States. Canada's dry and warm conditions could likely help spark wildfires in the region.

Based on the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre, there are about 452 wildfire concerns in parts of Canada.

Unhealthy air quality levels could result in health concerns, especially for people with medical conditions, outdoor workers and children.

Canada's Smoke in the Northeast

Furthermore, AccuWeather's forecast explained that Canadian wildfire smoke could emerge, affecting parts of the Midwest.

The report explained that the wildfire smoke unfolded in parts of Chicago, Minneapolis, South Dakota, Central Ohio and North Dakota. Smoke could also reach parts of North Carolina, Cleveland and New Jersey.

Furthermore, ABC News reported that air quality alerts were issued to alert residents., including Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. This week, the forecast noted that the smoke could likely impact parts of Indianapolis and Detroit.

In Minnesota, AccuWeather and ABC News reported that the region recorded very unhealthy air quality.

In the Northeast, the report noted that they could be a chance that the wildfire smoke could likely return. The weather conditions improved due to the beneficial rain in the Northeast.

Furthermore, Plume Labs explained that people in the sensitive groups could feel the smoke's health effects.

The report also noted that people with poor air quality should avoid outdoor activities, adding that the poor air quality could cause possible breathing difficulty and throat irritation.

Staying safe under a poor air quality

Humans and pets are also at risk of the poor air quality that could continue in the Northeast and Midwest.

Asthma, throat irritation and respiratory illness could become likely due to the harmful pollutants from the smoke wildfires.

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According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), poor air quality could cause vulnerability to health problems, including lung and heart diseases.

Meanwhile, the American Lung Association reported the possible health risks of polluted air. Americans should check the air quality in their areas before planning for outdoor activities or travel.

Asthma attacks are a common risk that could emerge when air quality reaches unhealthy levels. The report also added that air pollution exposure could increase the low infant growth risk.

Poor air quality could lead to cardiovascular damage and increased risks of heart attacks.

According to a New York Times article, wearing N95 masks could reduce the risk of wildfire smoke, helping to reduce airborne particles.

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