Birmingham City fans have been condemned after an incident at Bristol City leaves a group of disabled supporters ‘shaken’.

A photo of what happened emerged on social media, with a flare said to have hit members situated in the disabled section of the away end of their Championship clash.

@BS3Rob wrote: “There’s losing away and then there’s Birmingham losing away celebrating scoring a penalty at 2-0 down with a flare that doesn’t reach the pitch and lands in their own wheelchair section.”

AccessiBlues – Birmingham City DSA (@AccessiBlues) replied: “It hit one of the lads down there on the head. Scared him and he had to be taken out and coaxed back into the stands.

“Few others have panic attacks and you can see in the photo a couple of our carers having to keep them calm.”

@AccessiBlues add: “Unfortunately some people see these things as “just smoke”. If they understood, they’d realise that to some it’s so much more. People with sensory needs, breathing problems (bronchitis, asthma, COPD etc) and young kids can get affected.

“Almost certain this is how some “think” before they tweet:
‘Can’t use that, it’s racist.’
‘Can’t use that it’s sexist.’
‘Can’t use that it’s homophobic.’
“I know, I’ll use this. The disabled’s won’t do anything about it’
Seen so many disability slurs on here overnight ?”

The game goals from Antoine Semenyo, Nahki Wells and a Mark Sykes double which steered the Robins to 4-2 victory. Deeney and Khadra netted for the Blues.

Bristol City’s Nigel Pearson: “Above all, we needed a win today and it turned out to be a very good win. The result was everything. We have turned in some decent performances at home, without reward, mainly due to individual mistakes. We are a team who need to play on the front foot and today we set out to be really positive from the start.

“I am pleased for Mark Sykes. It’s about time he scored for us because he is a player I like and I believe he has goals in him. He should have been getting in similar scoring positions from right wing-back, but we played him further forward and that worked well.”

Birmingham’s John Eustace: “It’s the most disappointed I have been since I joined the club. We were too passive, too soft and not good enough in or out of possession. We looked vulnerable from an early stage and it was a really bad performance. I thought Kevin Long was fouled by Nahki Wells for their second goal, but that is no excuse.

“The whole team were not good enough. They have been excellent as a group over the first half of the season, but we are going through a poor spell and now we need fighters. Bristol City wanted the game more than us today and the manner in which we conceded the goals was very disappointing.”

This is what Twitter users said with Birmingham fans condemned after the incident at Bristol City leaves disabled supporters ‘shaken’…

@chrisw333: The gift that keeps giving.

@oftenpartizan: goes along with all the other shots we had today

@dogface_53: Sounds about right for them.

@VillanFootball: The most Birmingham City thing ever ???

@bigH82457393: Cracking away following again ?

@morrisav10: barely a day goes by where they don’t embarrass our cities name

@stevesanderstax: Always a classy bunch. ?

@Edcamp88: The club that keeps on giving ?

@Kiddyalbion1: Nice well done ?

@leepatch: The flare hit an old boy on the head who was sat down the front ?

@BS3Rob: I’m very sorry to hear that I hope they are all okay now and stay blessed wherever they follow your team.

@Dalkeef1981: Rivalry aside hope they are ok.

@pint1874: What an absolute shambles of a club??????????

@Cmoor45: Has there ever been a club to tarnish the name of a city more than this a lot? #tinpot

@AdahortonAdrian: One brain cell between all of them!!

@BrimfulofNasha: Never change Small Heath! ???

@ljb1875_: Weird this is

@kieranlomas: They really are the gift that keeps on giving ??‍♂️ as if their away following alone isn’t embarrassing enough

@ZoeShemmans_x: Will from The Inbetweeners when he threw the frisbee at the girl in the wheelchair

@kathrynxjane: Braindead this lot

@lfinnegan8: “There’s a circus in the town in the town” ??? #avfc

@Trentvilla1: They never fail to reach new lows do they…

@pixieking68: Please do not let a few scum bags ruin your view of people – what Accessiblues have achieved is fantastic and we as fans are proud of you ????

@doughbcfc: Just seen the photos from yesterday. Hope everyone is OK. It’s not a problem any club can cure, its down to the person who thinks it’s clever that they have sneaked it in the ground.

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