Common cold may not seem like a great deal to you but it may leave you fatigued and with low energy. Add to it symptoms like sneezing or coughing, and it can really affect your productivity and sense of well-being. In many cases, common cold can cause painful ear infections when bacteria or virus enters the space behind the eardrums. A cold can also sometimes make asthma symptoms worse. Prolonged common cold can also cause acute sinusitis which can lead to swelling and inflammation in sinuses. Strep throat, pneumonia and bronchitis are other common cold complications that people must be aware of. There is an array of common cold viruses and the most common of them are rhinoviruses. Common cold virus enters your body through mouth, eyes or nose and one can spread it through droplets in the air. (Also read: 5 reasons you are catching cold frequently this winter)

"Cold and coughs are common during winter. Our body always tries to adapt to changing seasons but when we are in the process sometimes, we get affected and get up catching a cold," says Dr Nitika Kohli in her recent Instagram post. The Ayurveda expert also suggests some effective Ayurveda nuskhe to tackle cough and cold.

- Sesame oil: Drops of sesame oil will support natural lubrication of the nasal passages and can relieve irritation and sneezing. Sesame oil has a warming effect on the body and helps to reduce muscle pain, cough and cold.

- Steam inhalation: The combination of moisture and warmth soothes the nasal area and also helps in headaches. You can take steam by breathing in heated water.

- Jalneti ritual for clearing nostrils: By reducing inflammation in the nasal area, this ayurveda technique helps you to cleanse your nasal cavity. Jalneti means to pour water in one nostril and take it out from the other to clear the nasal passage.

- Keep your hydration game stronger: Apart from sufficient intake of water, one can also drink spiced waters. Water boiled with spices like ajwain, cumin, ginger and cinnamon will support digestive fire and circulation.

- Yoga and pranayama also help to clear nasal massages and can be effective.

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