Asthma It is a chronic disease, due to which there is difficulty in breathing. According to the World Health Organization, asthma cannot be completely treated, although it can be managed to a great extent. But can yoga cure asthma?

Asthma treatment with Yoga Mudra? According to certified international yoga expert Jini, yoga postures can relax the muscles of the lungs and the bronchial tubes that collect breath. If yoga mudra is practiced daily, asthma disease can be controlled forever.

yoga postures for asthma

Yoga expert Jini believes that asthma is aggravated due to emotional, infectious and environmental factors. To manage this chronic disease ‘Asthma Mudra’ Should do This yoga pose relieves the symptoms of asthma by removing blockages and removing toxins from the airways.

Asthma mudra opens the airways

Joining the nails of two fingers in the Asthma mudra redirects the prana back to the body and mind. Due to which the muscles of the respiratory tract and the bronchial tubes that deliver oxygen to the lungs are relaxed. Because of this the patient can breathe freely.

Correct method of doing Asthma Mudra

  1. First of all, sit in Padmasana, Sukhasana or Swastikasana.
  2. Now bring both the palms in front of the chest and keep them towards each other.
  3. There should be a gap of 1 inch between both the palms.
  4. Now spread all the fingers and thumbs of the hand.
  5. Then just fold both the middle finger i.e. the middle finger towards the palm.
  6. Join the nails of both the fingers together.
  7. Also blend the tips of the palms near the wrists.
  8. Remain in this yoga posture for some time.

Watch the video on how to do Asthma Mudra

Benefits of doing Asthma Mudra

  • These points of palm and finger make lungs and chest healthy.
  • The problem of breathing ends.
  • The muscles of the lungs and chest are relaxed.

How long to do Asthma Mudra?

According to yoga experts, to get rid of asthma, do this yoga posture with pranayama for 10-15 minutes daily. Along with this, keep in mind that disciplined diet and expert supervision is mandatory.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only. It cannot be a substitute for any medicine or treatment in any way. Always consult your doctor for more details.

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