Today (May 3) is 'World Asthma Day'. This day is celebrated to make people aware of asthma disease. Yes and let us also tell you all that asthma is a serious disease associated with the respiratory tract and lungs. Many times in this, if the patient does not get treatment at the right time, then his life can also be lost. Yes and this disease is something that can happen anytime from children to adults. Everyday World Asthma Day' is celebrated under a special theme and efforts are made to raise awareness about this disease. Let us tell you that this year the theme of this day is 'Closing Gaps in Asthma Care'. Indeed, asthma is a long-lasting inflammatory disease, which affects the airways of the lungs. Yes and in this, the person sees symptoms like cough, breathing problems, wheezing, and tightness in the chest. Yes, and it is not possible to permanently cure it, but by adopting certain measures, you can prevent asthma symptoms from being triggered.

What is asthma - When there is asthma, there is swelling or inflammation in the respiratory tract (airways), due to which the passages of the respiratory tract shrink. During this time, when the passages of the duct shrink, asthma patients start having trouble breathing. Apart from this, the smooth muscles that are near the respiratory tract also become narrow. When narrowing or shrinkage exceeds the limit, the symptoms of asthma begin to sound like whistles. At the same time, whenever a wind passes through the narrow passage, there is a whistle-like sound.

What causes the symptoms of asthma can increase - In this list is dust and soil. At the same time, there may be allergies due to pollen or pollen, fungus, pet dandruff, etc. Yes, and aeroallergen is a very common cause, the weight of which can cause asthma symptoms or trigger. Not only this but apart from this, due to pollution, and viral infection, the symptoms of asthma can be seen. When the viral infection is cured, the respiratory tract becomes inflamed several times, which is called post-viral bronchitis. Yes, and due to this, the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis can increase.

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