asthma symptoms

You know the feeling—when you’re catching your breath, and suddenly it feels like you can barely grasp for air. Managing your asthma symptoms can be tricky when you’re surrounded by potential triggers, but the following habits can help alleviate some of your symptoms.

1. Manage your weight

Maintaining a healthy weight has numerous benefits. Remember, a healthy weight isn’t just about the number—it’s the lifestyle that comes with it.

Having curves or being big-boned isn’t going to cause asthma. Rather, being overweight/obese (which can be classified using the BMI metric) can increase your risk of developing asthma. 

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2. Eat healthy foods, fruits and vegetables

This goes hand-and-hand with the above. And no, that doesn’t mean you have to cut out all your favorite sweets and treats! Keeping up with the 80/20 rule is a good way to think about it.

For 80 percent of the time, aim for fruits, vegetables and proteins that make you feel good. The other 20 percent is for splurging on what you enjoy most. Having a healthy diet can help prevent you from struggling with more severe asthma.

3. Walking

Taking a long walk can be a great way to get in exercise without having to struggle with your breathing. Walking over intense cardio can be a good way to keep a healthy lifestyle without worsening symptoms.

4. Yoga

Balancing your body and mind has many perks, in addition to helping you manage your asthma. Yoga is a relaxing, slower-paced way to get in exercise. You can pace yourself as you go while still getting in the benefits of a mindfulness practice.

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5. Take turmeric

This supplement has been known to help the body fight the inflammation that comes with asthma. Taking this supplement may be a helpful addition to your routine.

6. Avoid rigorous exercise

While there are benefits to intense cardio exercises, it’s not necessary to have a balanced life—especially when it

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