The ways people handle stress can be as unique as each individual person, but common methods of coping with stress through a healthy lens are simple outlets that don't require expensive accessories or equipment. Mindfulness, for example, is a practice emerging in popularity as its benefits are becoming known in mainstream discourse. In the Health Digest survey, 8.82% of participants stated that they practice mindfulness as their go-to method of dealing with stress. Focusing on the present moment is the premise of practicing mindfulness, with other pillars of the practice, including cultivating awareness, observation, and acceptance, per the University of Washington. Mindfulness is frequently confused with meditation, though meditation is a form of practicing mindfulness. Yoga is another way of practicing mindfulness, which can be a strong way of decreasing stress as a form of exercise that can be enjoyed outside. 

However, other participants reported that they utilize deep breathing to calm their bodies and minds when experiencing stress. Taking time to breathe and paying attention to the breath is a healthy way to cope with stress, and 15.85% of participants reported that deep breathing is their go-to stress relief method. Since stress can increase the heart rate and provoke rapid breathing, taking a few minutes to intentionally focus on taking deep breaths is a proven way to reduce stress (via UPMC). Deep breathing can also lower cortisol, known as the stress hormone, in the bloodstream.

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