The First Case of Successful Delivery of Patient with COVID-19 in




Feb. 27, 2023

/PRNewswire/ -- "Mother and daughter are safe, the child is 2.85 kilograms." In the early morning of

November 1st

, director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Liang Huichao said, and the worried medical staff of the Eighth Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Eighth Hospital") could finally put their hearts at rest.

It turned out that Ms. Chen was more than 36 weeks pregnant, and she was found to be infected with the COVID-19, and was quickly sent to Guangzhou Eighth Hospital for treatment. However, she suddenly had a fever, frequent fetal movements, and fetal heart rate monitoring also suggested "fetal hypoxia", and her condition was critical. The hospital performed an urgent cesarean section on her, and the baby was delivered quickly. Currently, the newborn is doing well and has a negative nucleic acid test. This is the first case of successful delivery of pregnant women with new coronary pneumonia in



There are many unexpected factors in maternal childbirth. Unlike other women who gave birth, Ms. Chen was infected with corona virus, and there is a high possibility of respiratory transmission of the virus. For this reason, the medical staff of the obstetric operating room specially adopted protection. Liang Huichao said: "We have set up an operating room in the isolation ward, and personnel from obstetrics and gynecology, hospital infection prevention and control management, anesthesiology and other departments have put on protective clothing, masks and medical protective masks."

The emergency cesarean section took only about 40 minutes and went smoothly. "The Guangzhou Eighth Hospital began to work on relevant emergency plans and drills very early. We have set up several working groups, including the new crown maternal treatment team, the neonatal treatment team and the nursing team. Previously, our obstetrics and gynecology team had used emergency operating rooms and had practical experience. Liang Huichao said.

Huichao Liang is the head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Guangzhou Eighth People's Hospital that receives and treats pregnant and lying-in women infected with COVID-19, responsible for managing an isolation ward, and also responsible for the treatment of pregnant and lying-in women infected with COVID-19, as well as the consultation of obstetrics and gynecology in this hospital and other hospitals.

Liang Huichao


: "Under the escort of the neonatal specialist medical team, the fetus was delivered safely in the early morning of

November 1

. The newborn is just 37 weeks full, weighs 2.85 kg, and the child has received a perfect score of 10 on one-minute, five-minute and ten-minute scores, which is very good. It is reported that the baby's nucleic acid test is currently negative, and further evaluation and dynamic monitoring are needed. After giving birth, Ms. Chen's symptoms caused by COVID-19 infection will also be relieved to a certain extent.

The First Emergency Operation Performed for COVID-19 Patients in


Moreover, Guangzhou Eighth People's Hospital is also the first hospital to perform emergency operation for COVID-19 patients in


. On the morning of

February 3, 2020

, Huichao Liang received a consultation request from the second isolation area. It turned out that Wenwen (pseudonym), a patient infected with COVID-19, suddenly suffered from abdominal pain and lower body bleeding. After conducting a detailed examination of Wenwen, Huichao Liang confirmed that her ovarian cyst had ruptured and an emergency surgery to remove the ovarian cyst was required immediately." The patient was very depressed, collapsed, and kept crying." Huichao Liang recalled. Wenwen's mother was a critical COVID-19 patient and was being rescued in the ICU. Her father was in isolation in a hotel, and her husband was in


. Wenwen felt that the whole sky was about to collapse.

Taking advantage of the time gap before the operation, Huichao Liang chatted with Wenwen, analyzed her situation and told her that according to her current condition an operation must be done and there was no possibility of conservative treatment with drugs.

The risk of the surgery for Wenwen is equivalent to that of ICU intubation for a COVID-19 patient. Therefore, medical staff must first put on a full set of protective clothing and then wear surgical gowns, N95 masks plus surgical masks, and safety goggles, implementing three-level protection. As the breathing and field of vision are limited, the surgery had "to be ended as soon as possible" in order to minimize the impact on the patient. More than 3 hours later, the operation was successfully completed. The molecular pathological test after operation confirmed that the virus had invaded the ovarian tissue. This was Huichao Liang's first operation under level III protection.

The operation was also the first emergency operation performed for COVID-19 patients in

Guangdong Province

, providing the guidelines for the formulation of the surgical procedure under level III protection.

Huichao Liang's personal phone number was announced to the whole hospital by Guangzhou Eighth People's Hospital. When receiving the epidemic emergency notice from the hospital, Huichao Liang was the first person in the hospital to cancel the vacation and return to the hospital to stand by. She said, "I am worried that if there is a co-infection occurred on pregnant and lying-in women, the situation will be very serious." During the entire epidemic period, she was in charge of all emergency cases related to the obstetrics and gynecology department and was 24 hours online. Huichao Liang had to go to the isolation ward and ICU almost every day.


February 18

, Wenwen recovered and was discharged from the hospital.

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