In India, for thousands of years, people have practiced yoga as a method of freedom from suffering and as a preparation for death, which often does not involve the performance of asanas and the chanting of mantras, the study of philosophical texts. There is an emphasis on study, prayer and Attention.

Instead, the yoga that has found its way to the West is generally a subgroup of yoga known as “”.hatha yoga“, in which physical exercises are performed which include a wide Series of postures (asanas), muscle contractions (bandhas and mudras), breathing exercises (pranayama) and cleansing (kriyas) Which basically seeks the same internal purpose as the original yoga, but which has an important external result: the maintenance of physical health and mental well-being. It is precisely this last aspect that has attracted the outwardly oriented Western mindset, and on which the popularity of yoga in recent decades has been based. A legitimate gateway that has put millions of people in touch with a rich millennial tradition of health and wisdom.

There are many styles of hatha yoga that have made their way to cities in Europe, Spain and the Basque Country. Ashtanga Yoga Bilbao is one of those schools that maintains the original Indian teaching in its purest form, without western distortions. Of course, this is not the only place in Bilbao where yoga is taught, but, as they indicate, it is the only yoga school in Bilbao and the Basque Country that is authorized by it. Ashtanga Yoga Institute who drives Sharath Jois in Mysore South India, and fits perfectly with local specialties, offers a dynamic and challenging practice of asana, in which a sequence of physical exercises is divided into steps, each of which is executed on a particular breathing technique is done.

People in Bilbao have responded very positively to this type of yoga. At Ashtanga Yoga Bilbao, a large community of people of various ages and physical conditions has been created who have incorporated yoga into their daily routine. In addition, this style of yoga is taught as if each class were a private class, so everyone who comes to Bilbao to learn this yoga receives individual treatment at the hands of them. nines and fernando Founder of this traditional yoga school and the only yoga teacher in Bilbao and the Basque Country who is authorized in Mysore.

The typical structure of the yoga practice of this school in Bilbao consists of a first warm-up section of about fifteen minutes, during which two types of ten sun salutations are performed, followed by sixteen standing asanas, about thirty ground postures . A dozen closing postures. The duration of the practice varies from person to person, but an hour and a half is the general norm. The yoga taught at Ashtanga Yoga Bilbao is integrative aerobic and anaerobic exercise which improves cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength as well as improves isometric exercise which increases the stability of the joints and calisthenics exercise For the strength of the “core”. In addition, the rich variety of movements of this yoga taught in Bilbao Nines and Fernando benefits the mobility of the joints and makes this method of yoga. functional gymnastics In itself it complements and improves the rest of the activities and prevents possible diseases.

According to the Ashtanga Yoga system, the union between breath and movement is the key to achieving mental health. Often our mind behaves more like an enemy than an ally, distracting us from the present moment and leading us to a time full of nostalgia for the past and ambivalence for the future without enabling us to enjoy the here and now. Gives bad life experience. , People who attend yoga classes at Ashtanga Yoga Bilbao in Bilbao learn an exercise routine divided into dozens of steps or vinyasas, which they have to memorize and focus on their breathing, focusing their gaze on several points There is contraction of stomach and muscles alternately. Pelvic floor exercise, which along with being an external physical exercise, is also an introspective exercise that disciplines the mind and makes it accustomed to pursuing and enjoying every moment, sharpening and cleansing it. Over time, almost imperceptibly, what is developed with enthusiasm and dedication on the mat is transferred to other areas of life and to those who practice yoga, whether in Bilbao or in another city , feel better on the inside and, by extension, glow and smile on the outside. , improving your relationships with other people and being successful in your companies.

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