ONE surprising household object could protect you from respiratory illness, according to studies.

The simple object may already be in your home and can combat the effects of air pollution.

Air pollution in Dublin


Air pollution in DublinCredit: Getty Images - Getty
Plants can protect you from respiratory illness


Plants can protect you from respiratory illnessCredit: Getty Images - Getty

The Covid -19 pandemic raised awareness for how severe and dangerous airborne diseases can be.

A neurobiologist and advisor to Puressentiel, Professor Robert Pickard said: "Seeing the damage an invisible airborne pathogen can wreck has been a real wake-up call for public health experts and members of the public, alike."

Air pollution in the world continues to rise due to the fast-paced developments in the industry areas and causes a lot of concerns towards health and well-being.

Many people are trying to find ways to stay healthy and combat air pollution in their own lives.

Eight in 10 believe that the air quality in our homes can impact our health and well-being, including our immune system, according to a study by PureEssential.

However, common air quality fixes, for example, opening windows, lighting up candles or using natural cleaning products are ineffective and often worsens the air pollution problem as it adds more.

NASA conducted groundbreaking studies in the 1980s on an evidence-backed method to harness the power of plants, revealing in their studies that it naturally reduces levels of indoor air pollution.

Neurobiologist Professor Robert Pickard and GP Dr Nisa Aslam from Puressentiel have revealed how plants and essential oils can help.

Essential oil from plants can tackle respiratory symptoms on several fronts.

Puressentiel company ran trials on sprays with essential oils with people with a history of wheezing and other breathing issues.

The trials have proven a massive success as it improved the respiratory system in four weeks.

Advisor stated: "The spray exerted a slight broncho-dilating effect documented by the respiratory function tests and improved the quality of life of the volunteers."

In another laboratory test, the Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray was shown to kill house dust, a common cause of allergic wheezing and asthma, proven in less than an hour and has a repellency rate of 97 per cent seven days after spraying.

The best way to tackle indoor air pollution and protect yourself from respiratory illness is to buy plants or essential oils in a diffuser around your house.

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