Have you ever had the kind of day when deadlines suddenly appear on your calendar, the coffee machine has a meltdown, and you discover your cat's new favorite chew toy is your treasured earbuds? We wouldn't blame you if your go-to response is to flop onto the couch, feeling frazzled. But what if you could simply say, "Alexa, help me relax," and let technology guide you towards tranquility?

In this article, discover a few of the lesser-known benefits of your voice assistants. No, they're not only useful for setting reminders or checking the weather. You can also use them to find calm amidst the chaos.

Types of Voice Assistants

There are long-standing debates about which voice assistant is best—for example, Siri vs Alexa or Amazon Alexa vs Google Assistant. They all offer unique features. For instance, Alexa is much more than just a virtual shopping assistant. In addition to having the ability to help you battle anxiety and stress, Amazon is constantly expanding its health offerings.

You can use Alexa to access Alexa Together, Amazon helps keep people connected with its remote caregiving service. At the same time, Google offers various health services such as Google Health Studies, DermAssist, and medical self-assessments. You can even set up Google Assistant to remind you to wear a mask.

Meanwhile, if you're already an Apple enthusiast, Siri can connect to your iPhone's Health app, serve up wellness advice, and even remind you when it's time to take a mental health break.

Using Voice Assistants to Help With Guided Meditation and Relaxation Exercises

Guided meditation and relaxation exercises are like GPS for your brain. They steer you down a path to tranquility, even when stress is causing a mental gridlock.

By providing verbal guidance (sometimes with soothing background music), guided meditations can lead you step-by-step toward a state of calm and mindfulness. And the best part? Your voice assistants are ready and waiting to guide you on this journey.

Alexa Can Help You Wind Down Before Bed

The day is coming to a close, but worries are still buzzing around your head like mosquitoes, preventing you from drifting into dreamland. No worries, Alexa's got your back. Simply say, "Hey Alexa, play today's meditation on Headspace" which will serve up your daily dose of tranquility.

Alternatively, you could say "Alexa, let Headspace know I'm prepping for sleep." Just like that, Alexa brings forth a meditation crafted to gently guide you toward the land of rest.

Using Voice Assistants to Deliver Breathing Exercises

Effective breathing—the kind that can help manage stress and anxiety and improve overall mental well-being—is both a science and an art. These techniques involve consciously controlling the rate, rhythm, and depth of your breath. Voice assistants can guide you through a variety of these exercises.

Alexa Has Emergency Breathing Exercises

Say you've just ended a Zoom call where you gave a high-profile and nerve-wracking presentation. Your heart's racing, and you're feeling a bit jittery. Now would be a perfect time for some deep breathing techniques.

Simply say, "Alexa, guide me through a Deep Breath session." Alexa will provide step-by-step guidance, helping you to slow down your heart rate and calm your mind.

Using Voice Assistants to Deliver Positive Affirmations and Motivational Quotes

Positive affirmations and motivational quotes are like bite-sized pick-me-ups for the soul. These nuggets of positivity can help reshape your mindset, boost self-confidence, and fuel motivation. Now, how about sprinkling some of this positivity into your daily life with the help of your voice assistant?

Alexa Helps With Your Morning Primer

Imagine you've just woken up, and instead of reaching for your phone to check emails, you say, "Hey Alexa, give me a daily affirmation." And like the uplifting sunrise, Alexa helps you remember to be upbeat as you tackle the day.

Or perhaps you prefer an inspiring quote to kick-start your day? Just ask, "Siri, share an inspiring quote," and let the words resonate as you set your intention for the day.

Using Voice Assistants to Help With Mental Health Tracking and Journaling

Mental health tracking and journaling can be potent tools for maintaining your mental well-being. They allow you to track your moods, thoughts, and emotions over time, acting as a mirror to your mind. Now, let's see how your digital pal can lend a hand in this area.

Alexa Handles the End-of-Day Debrief

You've had a whirlwind of a day, and it's time to unload. Rather than typing out your thoughts, why not dictate them to your voice assistant? Say something like, "Hey Siri, create a new note in Evernote," and then spill your feelings, thoughts, or reflections. It's the convenience of voice journaling at its finest. Your words are recorded just as they are, raw and unedited.

If you find it difficult to remember to journal every day, voice assistants can help. You could say, "Alexa, remind me to track my mood at 6 PM daily" or "Hey Google, remind me to complete my mental health check-in every evening." With these reminders, keeping tabs on your mental health becomes a hassle-free daily habit.

Using Voice Assistants to Access Mental Health Resources and Support

When it comes to mental health, the right resources and support can be lifesavers. There's a vast ocean of help available, from helplines and therapists to insightful articles, enlightening videos, and immersive podcasts.

Suppose you're going through a tough time and need immediate help. You can ask your voice assistant, "Alexa, give me the number for a mental health helpline." If you're looking for more sustained support, try, "Hey Google, find local mental health professionals." Within seconds, you'll have access to immediate assistance or contact details of local experts.

Getting More Out of Your Voice Assistants

From guided meditations and breathing exercises to positive affirmations and mental health tracking, these digital sidekicks are ready to lend an ear (or a voice) whenever you need them.

So, next time stress tries to muscle its way into your day, or you need a dose of motivation, don't hesitate to call upon your voice assistant. They might just become your favorite new wellness companion.

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