Bubble breathing, a unique approach to meditation and breathwork, holds the key to enhancing concentration. Suparna Trikha, an advocate of this technique, has witnessed its remarkable effectiveness firsthand. Though unconventional, the act of blowing bubbles can have a surprisingly calming effect on the mind. By practicing deep inhalation and slow exhalation while engaging in bubble blowing, individuals can experience profound relaxation.

Suparna embarked on her journey 16 years ago, delving into energizing meditation and discovering the benefits of anka meditation. Recognizing the challenge many face in maintaining focus during meditation due to constant mental distractions, she sought a tool to aid concentration. Blowing bubbles emerged as an unexpected yet useful solution.

Amidst the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, where grief, anxiety, and depression have become prevalent, the significance of bubble breathing has grown even more apparent. Mental health concerns have reached unprecedented levels, underscoring the vital role of practices like bubble breathing. This technique not only increases oxygen levels in the body but also integrates breathwork with spiritual well-being.



Bubble breathing practitioner Suparna Trikha


In light of these facts, Suparna has been organizing workshops incorporating bubble breathing techniques that primarily targets young individuals, particularly students in grades 7-12. These students, who have experienced significant disruptions in their education due to the pandemic, long for mental relaxation and a return to normalcy. The workshop offers them a means to reconnect with themselves and find solace.

Renowned personalities such as Maria Goretti and Sandhya Mridul have joined forces with Suparna Trikha and will actively participate in the workshop. Maria, having experienced the benefits of bubble breathing herself, shared her journey, stating, “In 2020, during the global lockdown when I was busy cooking but struggling with my mental health and peace, Suparna introduced me to bubble breathing meditation. It helped me release the stress and pent-up emotions within.”

Blowing bubbles has proven to be effective in improving concentration, and participants can continue practicing it long after the workshop concludes. The upcoming five-day bubble breathing workshop in Srinagar and Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir, aims to provide participants with mental relaxation and temporary respite from worldly pressures. Srinagar, known for its breathtaking natural surroundings, serves as the ideal setting for self-discovery. Suparna believes that true inner connection can only be achieved amidst nature.

In addition, participants learn effective techniques to release emotional burdens, fears, and pains they may be carrying. This transformative experience includes addressing personal losses, guilt, and emotional distress, ultimately leading to liberation and healing.


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