If you are concerned about tooth decay, gum disease or breath freshness a good dental probiotic should be high on your wishlist. This article details 2023's best dental probiotics for bad breath, healthy teeth and gums and a whole host of other health benefits. 

Top 3 Best Dental Probiotics for Dental Health 

Here are the three top probiotics for dental and oral health benefits. 

  1. ProDentim (best for bad breath, teeth and gums, oral health) 
  2. YourBiology Gut +  (best for women's health) 
  3. Biotics8 (best for men's health) 

Now the introductions are out of the way, let's take a look at why these three dental probiotics are best for bad breath and oral hygiene. 

#1. ProDentim (bad breath, teeth and gums) 


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Easily one of the best dental probiotics currently on sale, ProDentim is a no ordinary oral health supplement. In addition to providing some of the best probiotic bacteria strains, it also has a few useful companion ingredients that work alongside the good bacteria to further improve oral health. 

Produced in tablet form and easy to chew, ProDentim is so simple to use it's often referred to as a dissolvable mouth candy and it boasts a few extra features many users may appreciate. 

Typical benefits include: 

  • Healthy teeth and gums 
  • Fresher smelling breath 
  • Supports immune function 

One of the most advanced oral probiotics to ever hit the market, ProDentim also helps provide beneficial bacteria support to the ears, nose, and throat. 

As is the case with all the top dental probiotics and oral probiotic supplements, you need to take ProDentim first thing in the morning. For best results, chew the tablet slowly and alternate between both sides of the mouth to best reduce oral bacteria. 

ProDentim Oral Probiotic Strains and Ingredients 

Lactobacillus Reuteri 

Lactobacillus reuteri (L. reuteri) is one of the most versatile oral probiotics. It helps keep your mouth and teeth healthy in several ways. 

One of the things L. reuteri does is reduce inflammation. It also inhibits oral pathogen production and helps prevent harmful and bad bacteria from adhering to the teeth. L. reuteri is also one of the best oral probiotics for restoring natural oral flora levels that have been reduced by infections. [2] 

Lactobacillus Paracasei 

Lactobacillus paracasei (L. Paracasei) is one of the best probiotics for preventing tooth decay and caries (cavities). Data from one study suggests it works particularly well for preventing caries in high-risk individuals. [3] 

Malic Acid 

Malic acid is naturally occurring in strawberries. It's sometimes used as a toothpaste ingredient because of its astringent abilities that help whiten the teeth by removing surface discoloration. 


Peppermint extracts target harmful pathogens that operate above and below the gum level and contribute to caries and gum disease. 

In addition to helping to provide healthier gums and teeth, peppermint also fights halitosis and freshens the breath. [4] 

#2. YourBiology Gut+ (women friendly probiotic strains) 

YourBiology Gut+
YourBiology Gut+

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YourBiology Gut+ is an innovative probiotic supplement that stands apart from others in the market due to its tailored approach toward female health. YourBiology Gut+ is suitable for all women, especially women over 50 experiencing menopause symptoms. 

The active ingredients are unique and specially formulated to promote improved oral health, making it one of the few supplements that directly addresses both microbiological and hormonal imbalances.  

YourBiology Gut+ features a blend of 8 live probiotics cultures specifically designed to support a healthy mouth by helping restore beneficial bacteria which may be reduced by poor diet, stress, or antibiotics.  

The supplement is also designed with prebiotic fibers and proprietary polyphenol blend that helps nourish and activate beneficial microflora for enhanced gut health.  

With its easy to swallow capsules and powerful formula, YourBiology Gut+ provides a safe and natural way for women to re-establish a healthy balance of oral flora as part of an achievable daily routine.  

#3. Biotics8 (male probiotic supplement) 


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Biotics 8 is a beneficial probiotic supplement specifically designed for optimal male health.  

Directly targeting and rebalancing the microbiome within the mouth, this powerful probiotic works to improve plaque buildup, decrease gum inflammation, reduce bad breath, and diminish sensitivity caused by dentin hypersensitivity.  

Biotics 8 has been specifically formulated with men in mind. The specialized blend of probiotics addresses issues such as male-pattern alopecia, male hormonal imbalances which can impact hair loss and skin conditions, and additional issues affecting male skin health.  

Supplementing with Biotics 8 can help restore balance to the mouth ecosystem while addressing the unique skin health and gut health needs of men. 

Oral Probiotics for Bad Breath, Gum Disease and Tooth Decay 

The term "oral probiotics" refers to helpful species of bacteria that live inside the mouth. These days, the term is also applied to oral supplements that provide the mouth with daily top-ups of probiotic bacteria. 

As with the probiotic bacteria colonies living inside the gut, each bacteria species offers a slightly different range of health benefits. 

The mouth is also home to other microscopic organisms including fungi, viruses, and protozoa that colonize the hard surfaces of the teeth along with the gums and soft tissues of the mouth. Collectively, this diverse microscopic colony is known as the oral microbiome, and, with over 700 species of bacteria, it's the second largest microbiome in the body, beaten only by the gut. [1] 

However, although oral probiotics are good for the teeth and gums and can even help your breath to smell fresher, the oral microbiome is also home to less friendly organisms (pathogens) that can cause many problems and contribute to tooth decay. 

By providing daily probiotic top-ups, the best Dental probiotic supplements enhance probiotic activity within the healthy oral microbiome, helping to keep the negative influences under control. 

Dental Probiotics Vs Probiotic Supplements for Better Gut Health 

Although some of the microbes that make up the oral microbiome are present in the gut as well, many more are not. Using most standard probiotic supplements that you would buy over the counter may not be as effective as a dedicated oral probiotic supplement. 

The fact that many of the bacteria species in gut health products have no place in the oral microbiome is only part of the problem. Dental probiotics work best when they are delivered directly to the mouth. All the best oral health probiotics are chewable tablets, lozenges, or probiotic drinks. These options release their probiotics directly into the mouth. 

Standard probiotics are designed to be swallowed whole and, more often than not, the pills have a special coating that delays their breakdown so all the bacteria inside is released inside the gut instead of the stomach. 

Benefits of Dental Probiotics for Oral Health 

Research suggests dental probiotics may be able to prevent and/or treat most oral health problems. 

A few examples include: 

  • Tooth cavities 
  • Periodontal disease 
  • Prevent plaque buildup 
  • Halitosis/bad breath 
  • Gingivitis/periodontitis 
  • Gum inflammation 
  • Respiratory infections 
  • Help prevent oral cancer 

The best oral probiotics achieve these things by creating biofilms that cover the teeth, gums, and other soft tissue inside the mouth. These probiotic biofilms replace the harmful coatings created by mouth-living pathogens. 

In addition to supporting healthier teeth and gums, probiotic biofilms also reduce inflammation and prevent harmful bacteria from accessing the tooth enamel or gum tissue. 

Oral Probiotics for Cavities 

Cavities, or caries, develop when clusters of bacteria form on the teeth. These clusters are commonly known as dental plaque. They feed on sugar molecules and emit acids that corrode the protective enamel covering the teeth. 

It's possible to reverse this type of damage if you address it early enough by adopting appropriate changes in diet and lifestyle. 

However, left unchecked, the level of tooth decay can become irreversible. When it does, dentists can often remove the decayed area with a drill and fill the cavity with a protective filling. 

Unfortunately, in severe cases of decay, dentists may be left with no other option but to perform a tooth extraction. 

When used daily, the best oral probiotics may prevent plaque build-up and cavities but, to be effective, oral  probiotic supplements need to provide the right species of bacteria. 

The best dental probiotics for cavities include: 

  • L. acidophilus 
  • L. casei 
  • Bifidobacillus 
  • L. reuteri 
  • L. paracasei 
  • S. thermophilus 
  • L. rhamnosus 
  • L. salivarius 

Research shows the best probiotics for teeth can prevent cavities in several ways: 

  • Enhancing oral immune response 
  • Altering the pH of the mouth to stop cavity growth 
  • Preventing harmful bacteria from attaching to the teeth 
  • Producing antibacterial compounds that fight cavity-causing pathogens 
  • Changing saliva quality to improve remineralization of tooth enamel 

Oral Probiotics for Bad Breath and Halitosis 

When it comes to halitosis and bad breath, the best oral probiotics are better options than mouthwash. Although using mouthwash is part of most people's daily dental hygiene regimen, most options don't only exterminate mouth-living pathogens, they kill helpful probiotic bacteria as well. 

Supplements that provide the best oral probiotics may control halitosis and bad breath by neutralizing the pathogens that cause it. They enhance the existing oral microbiome instead of destroying it. 

The best dental probiotics for bad breath and halitosis include: 

  • L. casei 
  • L. reuteri 
  • S. salivarius K12 
  • L. salivarius 

Oral Probiotic Supplements for Gingivitis & Periodontitis 

Periodontitis (gum disease) is a surprisingly common inflammatory condition that's associated with higher susceptibility to many medical problems including sugar, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease. 

One of the main symptoms of periodontitis is gum recession and, although it's possible to halt this type of gum disease, there is no way to reverse it. 

Prevention is better than cure. It's important to stop gum disease before it has time to do lasting damage. 

The two best oral probiotics for gum disease are: 

The best oral probiotics tackle gum disease in several ways including reducing plaque under the gumline and lowering the gingival index. 

Using oral probiotics daily is a good way to stop bleeding gums, reduce inflammation, and overpower the bacteria responsible for gingivitis. 

L. reuteri is one of the best probiotics for alleviating gingivitis and gum bleeding, while L. brevis appears to excel at reducing inflammation. 

Oral Probiotic Supplements for Respiratory Infections 

Respiratory tract infections can be caused by a variety of viruses or bacteria. Some of the most obvious examples include the common cold, flu, strep throat, and bronchitis. 

Oral probiotic supplements may reduce the risk of respiratory infections. 

The best oral probiotics for helping prevent respiratory infections are: 

  • L. reuteri 
  • L. paracasei 
  • S. salivarius K12 
  • L. sakei 
  • L. gasseri 
  • S. salivarius M18 

In one 3-month clinical trial conducted on children, a 5-strain probiotic supplement was shown to reduce respiratory tract infection rates by 76%. [5] 

Side Effects of Dental Probiotics 

Dental probiotics do not have a reputation for causing side effects. They are one of the safest probiotic supplements to use due to the beneficial bacterial strains. 

Although gut health products that contain probiotics often cause minor gastric disturbances during the early stages of treatment, dental probiotics do not appear to cause such problems. 

However, if you have a condition that compromises your immune system, such as HIV, AIDS, or cancer it's best to play it safe and seek medical advice before you add dental probiotics to your daily routine. 

Best Dental Probiotic for Bad Breath and Oral Hygiene Summary 

A good dental probiotic should be included in your oral hygiene routine if you are concerned about bad breath, tooth decay or gum disease.  

Some of the premier dental probiotics work effectively to reduce bad bacteria in your mouth and can provide some many health benefits. 

ProDentim is a market leading probiotic for oral health and dental hygiene and recommended by dentists and hygienists across the United States and Canada. 

The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.

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