Archie Battersbee's mother has released a video, claiming that her son is still breathing. She said that the 'new' evidence proves that her 12-year-old son is alive.

His mother, Hollie Dance insisted that Archie is able to breathe independently of a respirator. The video clip showed Archie on an emergency room monitor which displayed his respiratory rate. 

The Christian Legal Centre, which is supporting the family's case, circulated a video. They term it as evidence that they want to submit. 

UK-based media outlets noted that at the start of the footage, the respiratory rate increases from 14 to 15 before a diagram of a pair of lungs flashes. As claimed, it is an indicator that a person has initiated a breath. 

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In the United Kingdom, the High Court had previously ruled that life support treatment for Battersbee should be stopped as he is "brain-stem dead". 

Battersbee is currently brain dead, also known as brain stem death. It is a state in which a person is on an artificial life support machine and no longer has any brain functions. 

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Recently, his parents lost their court struggle to save his life support from being switched off. His parents, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee contested the ruling, but they lost. 

In the brain-dead state, experts have claimed that the person will never regain consciousness or be able to breathe without support. It is known that a person whose brain is dead is legally confirmed as dead. 

What happneed to Archie Battersbee? 

This year on April 7,  Archie Battersbee was seriously injured in an incident at his home in Southend, Essex. He was found unconscious. Since then he has been at the centre of a legal dispute. 

The doctors who were treating Archie at the Royal London Hospital in east London had told the High Court it was "highly likely" he was "brain-stem dead" and they told the court that the life support should end. 


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