If the plummeting temperatures and dark evenings aren’t exactly rocking your world right now, why not book an autumnal escape to somewhere sunnier? Just a stone’s throw from London, these destinations offer balmy evenings on tap, as well as an assortment of treatments and activities to help you feel happier, healthier and more balanced ahead of your flight home. Below, Vogue’s edit of some of the best to book in for now.

Breathguru retreat, Lanzarote

Jonathan Perugia

Did you know that the key to inner wellness could lie in something as simple as the breath? But not just the sort of everyday, shallow breathing that is automatic as you go about your business – there is a very specific science to breathing with intention. Just ask Alan Dolan, also known as the Breath Guru, who for the past 20 years has worked as a breath coach. He helps people via “Conscious Connected Breathwork”, which he describes as “the most powerful healing modality currently available to us”. 

He explains: “It’s a way of opening up our respiratory systems to the optimum extent, with a view to achieving improved health on every level of our being. In doing so, we tend to divest ourselves of unprocessed emotional and mental energies which we have accumulated in our bodies during the course of our life journey – we get to release our baggage and lead happier healthier lives.” 

In other words, it is the key to reaching optimum mental, physical and emotional health. Dolan now hosts year-round retreats in a breathtaking (pun intended) hillside village in Lanzarote that, through integrative immersion, will equip you with the tools you need to achieve true balance. And breathe.

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