Tammy Slaton stopped breathing in the middle of the night on 1000-lb Sisters, which led to fans fearing she had died. She didn’t die but was placed in a medically induced coma following the horrific incident.

Having survived yet another brush with death, Tammy recovered at rehab, as seen on 1000-lb Sisters season 4 episode 1. However, she didn’t see her sister Amy Slaton for three months while she was in rehabilitation.

Viewers are now asking who died on 1000-lb Sisters after scenes showed Tammy’s body shutting down and lying on a hospital bed. A hospital staff member hears beeping from her heart monitor and rushes in, leaving fans fearful.

Who died on 1000-lb Sisters?

Nobody died on 1000-lb Sisters but Tammy almost did when her breathing stopped in the middle of the night. She was rushed to hospital following the incident but doesn’t remember any of it. “I was gone,” Tammy revealed.

She almost died after her breath seized while at rehab. The reality TV star takes out her speaking valve every night when she goes to bed, preventing her from talking. At midnight, a nurse came in to check on the 1000-lb Sisters star.

The nurse realised Tammy wasn’t breathing. A blockage in her trach prevented her lungs from getting oxygen. “Last night, I literally about died,” Tammy admitted. Her oxygen level dropped to 20 and she began blacking out. 

“I could not breathe at all,” Tammy said. “I was about gone.” Thankfully, the nurse suctioned the mucus plug before it was too late. Following the scary incident, Tammy has said she’s ready to get back on track.

1000-lb Sisters: Baby was not ‘found dead’

In 2021, a 1000-lb Sisters episode suggested a baby’s body had been found in Amy and Tammy’s front yard. They lived near a busy road and the ‘baby’ was just a doll believed to have been dropped from a car window.

However, Amy was mourning the death of her Chihuahua, Little Bit, in April 2022, shortly after learning her pet had cancer. “RIP little bit. I love you so much. 2000-2022,” Amy, 34, wrote via Instagram.

Little Bit had lung cancer. As the dog had been a star on 1000-lb Sisters, fans were just as devastated about her death. She wrote in a tribute to her dog:

We took her to the vet five days ago for what we thought was allergies. He [the vet] did an X-ray and blood work to find out she had bad lung cancer. We kept her on meds and comfortable.

What happened to Tammy Slaton?

***WARNING: 1000-lb Spoilers***

Tammy reportedly lost enough weight to get gastric bypass surgery in August 2022, The US Sun reports. She returned to rehab for two weeks to recover but decided to stay there for longer.

Her heaviest weight, 717lb, aired on 1000-lb Sisters season 4 before she burst into tears at the scale numbers. Since then, though, Tammy has been undergoing an extreme weight-loss journey and looks significantly different.

Tammy is reportedly standing and walking. She told fans she wished she “could talk about all the stuff going on” with her weight but couldn’t spill any updates.

If you or someone you know needs support, there are many eating disorder helplines in the UK here to help. Beat can be contacted at 0808 801 0677 while Mind’s contact number is 0300 123 3393.

If you are based in the US, you can call NEDA on (800) 931-2237.



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