The Woodstock Hospital is shining a light on its respiratory services this week in honour of National Respiratory Therapy Week.

WOODSTOCK - Its National Respiratory Therapy Week and Woodstock Hospital is celebrating the occasion.

Michael Holcombe, Manager of Cardio-Respiratory with Woodstock Hospital, says that the week is meant to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work that respiratory therapists provide.

"We're kind of an under-recognized area of healthcare. It's important to get knowledge out there to the community that we're here and what we do to help the community and our patients."

He says that Respiratory Therapists play an integral role in providing critical care to patients with various respiratory problems.

"We're called to see any patients who are having difficulty breathing. This can be anyone from a patient who comes into the emergency department with shortness of breath, to a newborn baby who maybe needs a little help taking their first breath. In all cases, our skilled team continues to follow these patients until they no longer need any help breathing."

The Woodstock Hospital will be holding various activities for its staff including expert presentations, vendor displays, as well as running a crossword raffle to mark the occasion. Those who complete the crossword puzzle will be entered into a raffle to win a prize, given by the Woodstock Hospital. 

More details on the hospital's Cardio-Respiratory team can be found on the Woodstock Hospital website.

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