DELFT – Physiotherapy is a dynamic profession. There are always new ideas, new initiatives. Ilse Buijs and Liesbeth Schoppink from Physio- and Manual Therapy De Hoven are always on the move. will you stay?

For example, physiotherapist Liesbeth recently started breathing and relaxation training using the Dixhoorn method. “It aims to determine if and to what extent stress plays a role in a client’s problem, complaint or non-functioning. By means of the method, we are trying to apply voltage regulation. Relaxation can manifest as: a reduction in tension, a shift in attention, body awareness, or the start of recovery processes, making one feel fresher, clearer, more rested or in a better mood.

Additionally, Liesbeth uses the Otago exercise program: “Otago is a fall prevention program that was developed in New Zealand,” says Liesbeth. “The objective is therefore to prevent people from falling, especially the elderly. This does not mean that you learn to fall, there are other exercise programs for that. It’s really to prevent it. By training certain muscle groups and practicing your balance, you are less likely to fall. Hiking is an important part of Otago. “Walking is good for many things. Also to prevent falls. Liesbeth not only gives her training in practice, but also in people. This aligns with the rest of his duties, which also include complex elderly care. “In addition, we are a member of Parkinson Net and we work with Buurtzorg Delft West.”

Low threshold movement
As said: walking and exercise are good for many things, and physiotherapy and manual therapy De Hoven likes to spread this. In collaboration with Delft for Each Other, physiotherapist Ilse Buijs recently gave a lecture on exercise: “It was really about how you can move at home. Low budget, low profile. So accessible and without too much investment. said Ile. “It was very enjoyable and educational to talk to residents about exercise in your home environment.”

In addition to these programs and training, Physio- and manual therapy De Hoven also offers many other treatments. Ilse is a physical therapist and manual therapist, which means she specializes in treating neck and lower back conditions. She also does dry needling and medical tape for the treatment of (sports) injuries and, together with the midwifery practice DelVi, she supports women with pregnancy problems, for example with the program Zwanger Fit. Liesbeth is also a physiotherapist, practices dry needling, gives pelvic floor therapy and also specializes in geriatrics; helps elderly people with often complex health problems. Learn more? See on

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