The Minister of Public Health, Dr. Luis Medina Ruiz, officially started the work for the annual opening of this important event, in which 14 classes are underway.

About this, the person in charge of the health department said: “Patient school is a tool, a health strategy where patients with some pathology, some health problems have other patients who have the same problem. Certainly with the support of specialist professionals, for example, the case of diabetes schools with specialist diabetes professionals, School of Rheumatology, Rheumatoid Arthritis, School for the Elderly, Avellaneda Hospital has a total of 14 classes, starting their activities Formally “.

And he added: “It is a strategy that only Tucumán has, which we want to spread and develop throughout the province, because it helps patients closer to their homes, provides support, improves the quality of life does and relieves the pain of disease control. We want to spread it and of course want to strengthen the already operating schools. Today we are going to hospital director, teacher, director of patient school, patient school in province Co-ordinators who have the difficult and noble task of broadcasting and developing it throughout the year.

In this regard, Dr. Marcela Alejandra Collante, pulmonologist and director of the School for Patients at Avellaneda Hospital, said: “Today we start the official school year, as we have been working since March with different classes of the school of patients. We currently have 14 classes running in the school for various specialties such as: Child, Adolescent and Adult Diabetes, Rheumatology, Smoking Cessation and COPD, Pregnant Women, Endometriosis, Adapted Physical Activity, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Post-Covid Rehabilitation and Older Adults , among others. The important thing about this is to publicize that the school exists, that information reaches the doorsteps of households so that they come and attend.

“When we are sick it is necessary not only to go to hospitals, but also to try to prevent diseases and get help. Tell the population about the school and we work on prevention. Our compatriots It is very important to get support who have gone through a certain situation.For example, in a smoking cessation class there are patients who smoke 3 or 4 packs of cigarettes a day and quit smoking, that patient is a specialist patient today. that helps other patients quit smoking, so it is very important that the school captures the spirit of the school, each one of us for the patients”, he commented.

It should be noted that classes are intended for both adults and children depending on the individual pathology. “The idea is to open it up to other specialties in the future, such as adolescent and childhood obesity,” he closed.

Following this line, Gustavo Toledo, physical education teacher and coordinator of the Patient School at the provincial level, explained: “It is a huge challenge that has been implemented for many years at the Avellaneda Hospital, with 14 classes working hard Are. It has given a huge boost to the hospital, and we now intend to take it to all CAPS, polyclinics and reference hospitals, with the idea that chronic non-communicable diseases, which were abandoned after the pandemic, will take their place. Come back.”

“Here people come, learn, study and have a school year like it is in a normal school, where they take exams, at the end there is a certification and it is organized. All this gives us patient allows an empowered patient, who already knows about his illness and its treatment and can pass on the information to another patient.The idea of ​​a school for patients is very revolutionary and was approved by the Minister of Health, Dr. Luis Medina Ruiz was brought from Europe, and today he sees how this, which started many years ago here at the Avellaneda Hospital, has now gained tremendous power,” he explained.

Finally, Susana Morales, 61, a student of the school for patients at Nicolás Avellaneda Hospital, explained: “I have been coming here for 8 years to do physical activity and to get treatments from Dr. Alejandra Pereira, my rheumatologist. I also come to other workshops because it appeals to me a lot, before I used a cane and now, not only do I not need it, but I can finally use sandals. I was the standard bearer in the act and despite the fact that I had many ups and downs, with the help of all the professionals at this hospital, I am feeling much better.

“I’m teaching people I know or teaching my classmates what I’m already doing, I love it, doing this activity, because it’s not just physical activity, but we’re in the open air.” I go out, we share, we chat, and the point is leave the house, don’t wait, because I have noticed that if I stay at home I become strict. So I try to come on Tuesdays and Fridays. I try, which is physical activity, and monthly with the rheumatologist, plus all the other groups I like to participate in. I thank God so much that he put me on this path and because of him I stand like this I don’t even have a cane, just a small splint and I can use my heel. It makes me proud and I congratulate the entire team of this hospital as they are doing their best in their different tasks. I’m very nice, and I invite people to come, because it’s really a great team at this hospital.”

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