From Ustrasana to Rainbow Breath to affirmations, here is a range of yoga asanas and breathing techniques that can help in driving away negative thoughts and improving self-acceptance in children.

Self-acceptance, when instilled in children from an early age, helps in boosting positive thinking and emotional well-bring. It also helps in getting rid of negative thoughts and making space for positive emotions to flow. Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Sabrina Merchant, Founder of Li’l Yogis, an exclusive kids’ yoga academy said, “Self-acceptance means embracing and accepting who you are without any conditions. It means acknowledging that we all have both positive and negative traits and we can improve on the one’s which we find undesirable. Practicing self-acceptance can help children in their journey towards loving themselves which can have a positive effect on emotional well-being and can even improve self-esteem. Yoga is an effective way of practicing self-acceptance because it provides a means to relieve stress and become healthy and active. This in turn helps the mind to also be free of unhealthy thinking patterns and makes room for changing negative beliefs and behaviours.”

Sabrina Merchant further noted down yoga asanas to be practised that can help the body relax and connect with the inner self. Take a look:

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Ustrasana: This yoga asana helps in stretching the ankles, thighs and groins, abdomen, chest, and throat and the deep hip flexors. It helps in improving the posture and strengthening the back muscles as well.

Bhujanasana: When incorporated in the daily fitness routine, Bhujanasana helps in strengthening the spine, stretching the chest, lungs, shoulders and abdomen. It also helps in stimulating the abdominal organs and relieving the body of stress and fatigue.

Rainbow breath: This helps in building strength and flexibility while bringing awareness to the breath. It also helps in activating shoulder muscles and improving the posture of the body.

Affirmations: “Words are powerful and one sentence can alter the course of your entire day. Children need constant and consistent encouragement to increase their confidence and positive attitude. Building your child’s sense of confidence and encouraging a positive mindset now while they’re young may have tremendous impact on their sense of self in the future,” said Sabrina Merchant.

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