There is a free and effective do-it-yourself remedy for annoying headaches. Instead of resorting to drugs, try this simple trick.

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The headache represents a bad company for millions of Italians, and it is a very widespread and recurring problem. Headaches, in fact, afflict a large portion of the population, and it is very common to resort to pharmacological remedies to stem the throbbing pain. It is no coincidence that many women always carry a clutch bag with the most commonly used drugs against the unpleasant circle on the head. But be careful: like any artificial remedy, their components may in the long run damage the body, giving rise to dangerous side effects. Below we point out one very simple and immediate solution for headaches: seeing is believing!

Headache? No, thanks: try diaphragmatic breathing

headache exercises
headache exercises (source youtube)

Incredible but true: incorrect breathing can cause phenomena of a painful nature like, in fact, the headache. Stress, tension and excessive emotional load could stiffen the diaphragm, thus altering the breathing process. There are muscles, also called respiratory accessories, able to make up for thestiffening of the diaphragm. They are placed in the neck and shoulder area, and in turn could undergo a state of constant voltage. In these cases, it is easy to run into annoying headachesas well as in andrnie and protrusions borne by the cervical vertebrae.

Proper breathing also facilitates the process of oxygenation of the brain, keeping the mind clearer and more focused. How to check if you are breathing correctly? Just a simple one analysis exercise. If during the inhalation process the belly does not swell, you are most likely using non-physiological, chest-borne breathing. On the contrary, the diaphragm, and there is a very simple method to train in its use. Invest 10 minutes of your day to carve out a quiet and peaceful space, and lie down on a plaid or a fitness mat. Bend your legs slightly, then placing one hand on the belly, and the other on the chest. You will need your hands to control the breathing process: breathe in slowly while paying attention to inflate the belly, without involving the chest. Then exhale naturally from the mouth, as if it were a sigh of relief. Repeat the exercise until it becomes automatic, but try not to hyperventilate.

This quick and easy exercise can visibly improve your health, on a muscular, emotional and visceral level. The act of controlling breathing can also help us deflate the mind from stress and recover a mental state of calm and serenity.

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