Try Supplements

“Adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha and rhodiola have been shown in clinical trials to help reduce cortisol in those with elevated levels. Magnesium is a muscle relaxant that can be taken before bed to help the body wind down.” – Kim 

Prioritise Self-Care

“Rest, rest and more rest is my secret for balanced cortisol. It’s vital to find sustainable ways to cope with stress long term, so take the time to find relaxation techniques that work for you. We can’t eliminate stress from our lives, but we can control our response to it.” – Sophie Chabloz, co-founder of Avea Life

Balance Blood Sugar

“Managing stable blood sugar levels by choosing slow-release carbohydrates and combining them with protein can be transformative, and is something I find beneficial for almost every client. It can also help to stay hydrated (drink at least two litres of water daily), eat at regular mealtimes (be particularly mindful of not skipping breakfast) and reduce stimulants like caffeine and sugar.” – Christina 

Be Gentle With Exercise

“It’s important to stay active but ensure the way you’re exercising is appropriate for your stress levels and not adding fuel to the fire.” – Cara 

Consider Therapy

“Addressing the root cause of your stress is key. If there’s a cause like an unhappy relationship or stress at work, addressing the situation or speaking to a good therapist can make the world of difference.” – Kim 

Instil A Bedtime Routine

“Find joy in creating a wind-down routine, avoiding blue light for at least two hours before bed and, ideally, being in bed between 10 and 11pm.” – Cara 

Make Small Changes

“When it comes to cortisol, I like to think of ‘crowding in’ as opposed to ‘cutting out’ – focusing on behavioural change over excessive restriction. Whether it’s exposure to morning light, eating some protein before a coffee, engaging in some simple breathing techniques, or restoring depleted nutrient levels through a good multivitamin, even small habits can support a more balanced adrenal response.” – Christina 

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