Jenna Dewan has been a fitness inspiration for many years, posting videos of her workouts on Instagram and making appearances at events to talk about her passion for staying fit.

To motivate others to work out, Dewan posted a photo of herself exercising on Instagram. Her fans responded with comments like "She understands the assignment", and "Everyone needs this mood in the gym."

The mother of two is a dancer, producer, actress, and dog lover. She's also an entrepreneur who designs her own line of activewear. If you're curious about the fitness and self-care routine that have helped keep Dewan looking so good over the years, read on to find out.

Jenna Dewan’s Workout and Self-Care Habits

Here's a look at her workout and self-care routine:

1) She deals with anxiety by dancing, going for swim, or meditating

In a recent interview with New Beauty, Jenna Dewan talked about how she copes with anxiety and life's challenges. According to her, it all comes down to a toolbox filled with different coping mechanisms that help her release stress and find joy again.

She stays in tune with her body, knowing that stress doesn't do anything positive. So what does the star do to lower anxiety?

She does whatever works — breathing exercises, listening to music, dancing it out — just about anything that helps release her negative energy.

2) She loves hiking, working out, and walking her dogs

Jenna Dewan is a big proponent of self-care. One habit she relies on is taking sea salt baths to relax.

She says that she likes to do things that make her feel her best self, such as exercising and hiking with her dogs.

3) She uses retinol, face oils, and red light in her skincare regimen

The actress told New Beauty that she has returned to the basics when it comes to her skincare regimen.

She never goes to sleep without washing her face. Moreover, she applies retinol pads from Dr. Lancer before moisturizing with products that contain argan or rosehip oil, as her skin tends to be dry.

Jenna Dewan is a beauty junkie, and she has always been interested in skin care. She loves to try out new products, and she uses a red light when applying makeup. This tool helps with anti-aging, collagen production, and getting deep into the skin.

4) Dewan puts her family first

She has some inspiring advice on being a mother: Kids learn more by watching than they do from what you tell them.

Everything you say, do and how you speak about yourself are emulated by your children and influences their view of things. This was a life-changing realization for Dewan, which changed her perspective.

Dewan previously praised her family in an Instagram post, writing,

"My family that is my everything. The work that I love and get to share with all of you."


Jenna Dewan's advice isn't revolutionary. Rather, her suggestions are practical, accessible logic-based advice that anybody can implement in their day-to-day life. Contrary to all the self-help books on health, wellness, and happiness, Dewan provides more digestible, human and personal words of wisdom.

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