After days full of stress and woes, there is nothing better than releasing all of that with natural remedies. There is only so much relief a cup of tea can do, so let Himalayan salt spas do the rest. The origins of Himalayan salt therapies can be tied back to salt mines and caves of Eastern Europe. More modern “dry” salt rooms are derived  from the salt mines and caves in Europe and Russia.

Also called halotherapy, Himalayan salt is able to improve overall mental and emotional health, respiratory ailments, stress reduction, promote healthier skin and better breathing. While these salt spas are typically found in Eastern Europe, they’ve finally made their way to New Jersey. There are are number of NJ Himalayan salt spas to relax at. 

Himalayan Salt Cave & Spa Float – Englishtown, NJ 

Located in Englishtown, the Himalayan Salt Cave & Spa Float is made completely out of Himalayan pink salt. Their main goal was for the facility to be a stimulus for mental and physical health. The dry salt in the room can act as a relief agent for many ailments such as allergies, the flu, bronchitis and sinus infections, just to name a few. 

The Himalayan salt is also beneficial for children, as frequently undergoing salt therapy can prevent common colds, coughs and runny noses. It is recommended to go two to three times a week to see the full benefits. Halotherapy sessions are 45 minutes long, with the cost of $49. For salt therapy geared towards children six months to 12-years-old, it is $25 for one child, $36 for adult entry and $40 for a child plus a caregiver, which is provided by the spa. 

Nature’s Salt & Therapy Spa – Cranford, NJ 

For any Jersey Shore lovers Nature’s Salt & Therapy Spa brings the beach to their salt cave. The spa offers a number of stress relieving Himalayan salt services. Built under the guidance of halotherapy experts, the darkened Himalayan salt cave is meant to exude coziness and relaxation, with the walls and floor covered with salt crystals. 

A typical salt therapy session lasts 45 minutes, and children are welcome to join the session. Prices are dependent on how many are attending the salt sessions. They can range from $29 for a one-person therapy room to $200 for a nine-person salt room session. Nature’s Salt & Therapy Spa also offers salt cave yoga, flotation therapy and anti-stress massages in the salt rooms with essential oils. If you plan on going, first time clients can also receive a 20 percent discount.

The Salt Cavern – Clifton, NJ 

“Relax. Refresh. Re-imagine,” are a few of the words used to describe an experience at The Salt Cavern. All halotherapy sessions are private and last for 45 minutes. Single sessions are $40 plus tax, but there are packages that can be purchased as well. One of their post popular packages is the 24 halotherapy session package for $360 plus tax. Children under 12 are also free to attend with a parent. The Salt Cavern promotes tranquility, with many of the comments touting how great it was for their respiratory problems.

The Breathing Rooms – Shrewsbury, NJ 

The Breathing Rooms’ goal is to help you escape your stresses within the relaxing walls of their Himalayan salt cave. They shared that their rooms, “are expertly designed to restore your vitality in deeply relaxing and enjoyable ways.” Every therapy room is private for you and your guests , The Breathing Rooms cost $49 per 45 minute session.

There is also a Salt Booth Room to try out, which is a sped up version of their Himalayan salt room, running a duration of 25 minutes. Eucalyptus and baking soda are added to this salt room, with the purpose of it being for, “acute issues that require more direct healing.”  Individuals are allowed to remove their clothing to have the salt improve all aspects of their skin. 

At this NJ Himalayan salt spa, one of the most popular packages customers purchase is the “Takeover.” With this package, you are able to reserve a breathing room for three-and-a-half hours. It is a spa day meant for you and anyone you bring along for $169 per guest. You will start in the Himalayan salt room, then move to the infrared sauna, open-tank float room and private salt bath room. This package has a three-person minimum and a six-person maximum.

Center Point Wellness – Hackettstown, NJ

At Center Point Wellness, they feature all kinds of holistic practices from traditional Chinese medicine to therapies from a variety of Eastern cultures. The wellness center partnered with Saltopia to create a therapeutic salt cave. Many of the individuals who visit the center enjoy sessions that treat acne, eczema, rashes and psoriasis. The Himalayan salt has natural moisturizing properties, which assist the skin’s water balance.  

Visitors at the center come to not only destress but to reduce migraines and increase energy. These sessions are 50 minutes long.  The cost is $45 for one individual, $75 for a couple and $100 for a group of up to four.

 The Salty Spa – Whiting, NJ

When Margie Carney first visited a Himalayan salt room, she fell in love with the relaxing element of the negative ions. Carney struggled to find salt rooms in New Jersey, so she decided to open up her own. The owner’s main goal is to make all of her visitors understand the healing capabilities of Himalayan salt rooms. 

The Salty Spa shares  that you will feel a difference on your first visit, but a regular routine will produce the best results. Sessions are 45 minutes long where you will lounge in a zero-gravity recliner with an extra pillow and a blanket. The Salty Spa charges $40 per person for one session. On Thursdays, they have a “Stress Away Thursday Special,” which is one 45-minute salt therapy session for $20 per person. 

Revive Studios – Budd Lake, NJ

Interested in taking a journey towards rejuvenation? Then, Revive Studios is the place to be at. This place has a halogenerator that releases a new sense of life into the salt rooms. As you relax in the zero gravity chairs, your breathing will open up and your breaths become easier and fuller. 

Revive Studios also offers a number of other sessions, with salt therapy included in each. First, there is the Bodywork Massage; a 60-minute session with an experienced massage therapist. Then, there is The Salted Yogi, which is a guided yoga meditation, an Assisted Stretching session and a Focuses Awareness session, which allows the individual to improve coping skills and get rid of the stresses of life. 

Are you planning on visiting any of these NJ Himalayan salt spas? Let us know in the comments!

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