“That’s right it’s National Stress Awareness Day and we visited Pathways Counseling and Treatment Center to find ways to help you at home."

Even the smallest ways can greatly reduce stress.

From exercising, reading, or spending time with family and friends, these little things can go a long way.

One woman shares what helps her when she is feeling stressed.

“I either pet my dog or read or both. It gets my mind on something else besides what’s making me feel stressed.”

Pathways program manager Donald Jordan says it's important to start off by recognizing when you start experiencing high stress levels.

“Your body tells you by the way your muscles hold, by the way you hold your body. Your breathing, you forget to breathe. So, one of the biggest things is recognizing when you do feel stress. And then from that is identifying the things that really help you relieve those muscles."

With recent tragedies across the country, Hardin hopes people will cope with their stress in a helpful way.

“Well, I just hope that everybody starts cooperating a little bit more. Because this world is getting really sad, it’s scary.”

"Jordan says if you struggle with managing your stress, to reach out to Pathways. You can learn more about them by visiting our website. In Jackson, Sinahi Carrizales, 39 news."

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