Before you scroll on, assuming that the finger breathing method will be too difficult to figure out — because we know you don't need any more stress in your life — know that this technique requires no lengthy explainers. A straightforward video like one by the TikTok account @MovementGenius can help you get the gist in literally seconds.

Even though it's often dubbed the five finger breathing technique, it actually requires the work of six fingers in total. Using the pointer finger of one hand, trace the fingers on the other, starting at the outside of your pinky. Move up and down each of the five fingers, take a deep breath when you trace up and exhale when you trace down.

When you finish tracing the five fingers of one hand, repeat or switch to the other hand. You can adjust the speed depending on what feels comfortable to you, though many TikTokers prefer a slow breathing pace. You can also try making your exhalations longer than your inhalations, a pattern that some research has associated with lower stress levels.

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