If you're new to yoga, one of the few poses you're likely familiar with is Cat-Cow, also known as Chakravakasana (via Healthline). This pose is ideal for back tension, which, if you spend much time at a desk, is likely something you're dealing with. Cat-Cow also helps to improve your posture and balance. To adapt this pose to a chair position, you'll simply sit up straight and place your hands on your knees or behind your head. Next, inhale deeply, arch your back, and look up at the ceiling.

Then exhale as you round your back and pull your chin down to your chest. Slowly repeat the movement a few times while following the flow of your breath. This adapted version of Cat-Cow is, of course, not as effective as the real deal, but it'll still provide some relaxation and alignment. If meditative music helps you get in the zone, pop in your headphones and focus on this pose for a short break from the keyboard and screen.

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