National Self Care Day 2023: National Self-Care Day is celebrated annually on April 5 throughout the United States. In the midst of life’s hectic pace, we occasionally place our needs and wellbeing on the back burner. Taking care of oneself is essential for proper functioning. For optimal health and wellbeing, our minds and bodies require sufficient rest and care. This day highlights the significance of self-care as the foundation of good health. Individuals are also encouraged to make self-care a daily practise on this day.

The background of National Self-Care Day

“Self-care” refers to the act of caring for oneself through activities that help us feel our healthiest and happiest. It has become the most prevalent form of healthy living and allows us to prioritise ourselves, which would otherwise be considered selfish. It has existed since the dawn of humanity, when humans had to rely on themselves to achieve optimal health through practical means, before the conception of medicine, therapy, and other healthcare systems. The original purpose of self-care was to help institutionalised patients develop self-worth through acts of personal care and preservation. It became a popular term in the medical field to comprehend mental awareness concepts such as post-traumatic stress and to assist patients with these conditions in navigating life.

The Black Panther Party’s civil rights movement in the 1960s popularised modern self-care as it is understood today. Initially, the party met the needs of community members by establishing health clinics, distributing food, and developing programmes at a time when it was even more difficult for minority groups to gain access to healthcare. When the group’s leaders adopted a more mindful strategy to prevent activist burnout, the concept became even more personal. They encouraged community activists, leaders, and other members to prioritise their mental and emotional health through practises such as yoga and meditation.

Today, self-care has become a global approach to meeting one’s needs, and any method that helps you feel your best is encouraged. National Self-Care Day was established by Laura Schwartz, a Chicago-based development coach, to remind us to take a break and put ourselves first.

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National Day of Self-Care Activities

Take a break from social media.

This holiday provides the ideal opportunity to disconnect from social media. Many of us have wanted to take a break from social networks or our phones in general, but have found it difficult to make that final decision. Well, part of putting yourself first is releasing the pressures and anxiety that others may bring, and social media is a major source of this. Utilize National Self-Care Day as an excuse to avoid social media.

Enjoy the open air.

There is something refreshing and revitalising about nature. We cannot explain it, but the peace of mind that comes from a long walk, a run, or a walk cannot be matched. Ensure that you spend some time today appreciating nature and the fresh air.

Perform a kind act for yourself.

This recommendation is entirely unique and is only achievable by you. Whether you are preparing your favourite meal or purchasing an item you’ve always desired, make sure you are putting your needs first and engaging in an activity you enjoy. Invest in yourself today, because you truly deserve it!

Five Interesting Self-Care Facts

The right aromas have magical powers

According to research, aromatherapy is just as important as breathing exercises, with citrus scents proven to reduce stress.

A forced smile might actually be effective.

Studies have demonstrated that being happy, or even feigning happiness by forcing a smile, is beneficial to one’s overall health.

Meditation for the feelings

Meditation not only alleviates stress, but also enhances compassion and emotional stability.

Solo dance parties are a hit

Dancing alone burns calories, improves your mood and body image, and reduces your risk of developing dementia.

Stress is relieved by foul language.

The occasional F-bomb is a great way to relieve stress and has been known to alleviate physical pain.


Year Date Day
2023 April 5 Wednesday
2024 April 5 Friday
2025 April 5 Saturday
2026 April 5 Sunday
2027 April 5 Monday

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