Chased by the bullets of anxiety
In middle of the rush hour of office,
In the hours of dawn and in the middle of the night,
No self-help book or breathing exercise seems right.
I hate medicines, they make me numb.
Nothing seems to work
On the pounding heart, constantly beating like a drum.

Sometimes triggered by an external event
Or that pessimistic stream of thoughts.
It makes a perfect recipe for
A stomping heart and a restless mind.
Each time I am hit by it, it bleeds and bleeds…
I try to stop it, but in vain.
Thoughts of compulsion, guilt and pain.

Until the thoughts are diverted to a different lane
A mindful awareness runs through the vein
The uneasiness of the uncertain future settles a little bit.
Thanks to the dog at the park, or that kid
A small chit-chat with the friends or colleagues,
An assuring inner voice,
That all will be fine.
Sometimes, all it takes is time.

Sneha Biswas holds a PhD degree in Development Studies. Her favourite pastime includes reading, writing, playing the Ukulele and overthinking.

Featured image: Lauren McConachie / Unsplash  

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