Gentle Art Lifestyle, a Milwaukee wellness and coaching initiative dedicated to the pursuit of physical and mental balance, will hold the finale Sept. 16 of its outdoor social gatherings at Milwaukee landmarks geared to helping participants “De-Stress With Friends.”

The Breathe Social event will be from 9 a.m. to noon at the rooftop of the Milwaukee Athletic Club. Each Breathe Social event is a three-hour shared experience highlighted by yoga, Wim Hof style breathing and deliberate cold exposure.

“Breathe Social events offer participants a clean break from their everyday stresses, and an opportunity to try new healthy practices that unburden the mind and soul,” said Joshua Janis, President of Gentle Art Lifestyle. “These communal experiences create a genuine atmosphere of happiness and support, one where attendees often leave having made new friends.”

Each Breathe Social event is comprised of three parts:

• Yoga led by Alan Titone, a Denver-based instructor who delivers an energetic, music-infused take on this popular health and fitness practice

• Wim Hof style breathing taught by Janis, focused on improving the reflexive act of breathing to strengthen cardiovascular health and achieve a near-meditational state

• Cold exposure via ice baths – which might sound uncomfortable, yet has a multitude of proven health benefits, and provides those partaking a celebratory sense of triumph

Participants are asked to bring a yoga mat, water, bathing suit, towel and – most importantly – an open mind! Sunscreen is advisable, too, along with comfortable exercise clothing.

More information on Breathe Social events, including purchasing tickets, is available at

www.gentleartlifestyle... or by calling (414) 334-0114.

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