The cast and audience were not informed that the Bravo star had been seeing Tom Sandoval when Wednesday’s brand-new show was being recorded.

They went to Lake Havasu, Arizona, after initially stopping in Las Vegas.

Together with Christina Kelly, Lala Kent, and Katie Maloney, Raquel, 28, went on a girls’ getaway.

Raquel, Lala, Katie, and Christine were talking about life and being single in the car on the drive from Nevada to Arizona.

Are you suffering a panic attack? Lala rushed in.

Raquel began to sob uncontrollably, gripping her chest and gasping for oxygen.

As the rest of the group advised Raquel on proper breathing techniques, she kept weeping and gasping.

You’ve got to let it go, Lala instructed her from behind the wheel.

Raquel cried and said, “I don’t know how to do that. I criticise me constantly. She eventually managed to gather herself and even resume laughing with the cast.

When she recovered, followers on Twitter inundated the platform with hypotheses regarding what precipitated the panic episode. Many people believed she was struggling with intense guilt over her covert relationship with Tom, 39, who at the time was dating Ariana Madix, a co-star on Vanderpump Rules.

“This Rachel breakdown is 100% a result of her having a panic attack while she was having sex with Sandoval! Just take note of how swiftly she recovered,” a Twitter user who called Raquel by her first name wrote. Anyone else feel like she was about to spill the Scandoval beans in the car and the notion of their reaction prompted on the panic/anxiety attack? The guilt was eating her up, another person tweeted.

“Raquel was definitely experiencing a panic attack as a result of being set off by that morning’s chat and feeling guilty about her liaison with Sandoval. Knowing what we do now, watching this is so bizarre “Added was a third Twitter user. I wonder if Raquel’s panic episode had anything to do with remorse rising up, if it’s true that the affair had already begun at this point, a fourth admirer mused.

Another person remarked, “Raquel having a panic attack in the car…the guilt seeping in? Recently, Raquel apologised to the public for her relationship with Tom.

News Summary:

  • Raquel Leviss had a severe panic attack, which Vanderpump Rules viewers claim was brought on by “guilt” over the Tom Sandoval affair
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