stress is the disease of the 21st century, We have associated this concept only with work stress, but it is not so. By definition, stress is a process in which we feel physically and mentally alert. Faced with this alert, a physiological and psychological response is given to adverse situations that we cannot control, because we believe that we do not have the time or ability necessary to resolve them.

Stress is not a problem in itself, rather it is a normal reaction to a situation that will require us to take action, because life is pure motion. When does stress become a problem? This occurs when the alert level is maintained and, moreover, the intensity is too high for a long period of time. When we talk about these feelings, they affect our health.

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Stress is of different types depending on the problem, For example, when it comes to work, it is work stress, whereas when it comes to our personal or family relationships, it is family stress. Similarly, we talk about social stress when it is caused by social relationships.

The most serious consequences of stress can be seen in how it affects many Organ and body functions, digestion, heart, muscles, and breathing.

loss Symptom The most pronounced are thoughts of tension and various levels, including difficulty in concentration, constant brooding, forgetfulness, constantly thinking about the future, or obsessive thoughts; Fear, irritability or anxiety on an emotional level; On the physical level, headache, muscle tension in the neck and back, gastrointestinal problems, insomnia, tachycardia, dizziness, rapid breathing or bruxism; And on a behavioral level, crying, overuse of alcohol and tobacco, running away from situations or not coping, and clenched jaws are prominent.

When it comes to emotional, there are two subtypes of stress: Spicy, very common, which occurs every time we expose ourselves to or experience a specific state of suffering, however short-lived it may be; and stress long termHe who lives in time.

On the other hand, it should be noted that excess cortisol oxidizes and makes our body old. Sugar levels go up, blood pressure goes up and above all, the immune system gets weakened, giving rise to all kinds of problems Disease,

It also affects our unconscious behavior. For example, for us creativity And also in making decisions while selecting. This makes us feel more vulnerable to being manipulated by others, because we feel emotionally vulnerable. The result of all this is continuous suffering.

Given this, there are several keys to ameliorating emotional stress. First thing is to brake. Sometimes we burden ourselves with tasks which are not really important. We are educated in doing and doing, in hyper-productivity and efficiency. However, this excess of doing usually leads us to indifference and neglectBecause we forget the joy of enjoying life.

another key passes spend time in your cityOr, it may already be doing a game conscious, read a book or take a walk. Trying new things can also help. Sharing time with your friends doing something you enjoy helps to release emotions and feel like you have people who support you.

The causes of emotional stress are easy to trace professionalWhile many times the patient believes that his stress comes from routine and it is very possible that it is not so because the root cause of stress is It is generally more profound and belongs to each person’s life, according to the way he takes it.,

also helps Set up realistic day-to-day, It is not like there are 36 hours in a day and I have many things planned at the same time. set boundaries andIt’s a classic because it affects us in so many ways. Not being able to say no, we’re assuming and loading loads more: “I can, not a thing else matters.”

Give yourself time, let it go bad and don’t beat yourself up or blame yourself for it happening, We must recognize our discomfort and that is why we are not weak or inferior to others. Practice relaxation techniques and deep breathing, as these go a long way in reducing stress. Sign up for any Yoga, Pilates class. but above all Whenever you can consult a professional.


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