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Ludhiana, May 17

World Hypertension Day was observed on the premises of Hero DMC Heart Institute (HDHI) here today. The theme of World Hypertension Day - 2022 is “measure your blood pressure accurately, control it, live longer”. Among others, Dr GS Wander, Chief Cardiologist and Coordinator, HDHI, and Dr Bishav Mohan, Medical Superintendent, HDHI, present on the occasion.

People were sensitised to the risks of hypertension through presentation in the reception area of the HDHI. They were made aware of the role of good diet, exercise and meditation in maintaining the normal blood pressure and an overall good physical and mental health.

Dr GS Wander, Professor, Department of Cardiology and Chief Cardiologist, HDHI, said stress and sedentary lifestyle are main reasons why people are susceptible to develop hypertension that can lead to further life-threatening diseases as it affects vital organs like heart, kidneys and brain. He further advised people to do the needful to take care of their mental and physical health.

Dr Bishav Mohan, Professor, Department of Cardiology and Medical Superintendent, HDHI, called attention to the fact that hypertension could further lead to diseases such as stroke, heart-related problems, loss of vision, depression and anxiety. He advised people to practice meditation and breathing exercises to keep stress and anxiety at bay.

Free BP check-up was also done in the reception area of the HDHI and around 250 persons were checked for blood pressure levels. They were further advised to follow good diet and exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

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