Stress in Children
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Is your child suffering from exhaustion, headaches, digestive problems, anxiety, sadness and more. If yes, then there is a high possibility of him/her suffering from stress. The lifestyle of today negatively affects adults, teenagers, and even children which further contributes to poor mental health. 

Children between the age of 9-13 get exposed to social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many more. Many times, busy parents hand a gadget to their highly active child to keep him/her busy. That child is distracted, and it becomes convenient for the parents to go on with their tasks. 

This is bound to increase the stress levels of children leading to anxiety, and worse, depression. How can the parents tackle such situations, and how can they prevent their children from experiencing stress? Look at some tricks for treating a child’s stressed mind and ways to prevent stressful situations-

1. Keep Them Active:

Most children are extremely active in their early years, with elevated athletic capabilities. Any kind of physical activity will surely help your child in relieving stress. Some activities such as, swimming, hoola-hooping, bike/scooter rides, dancing, running games and many more, are highly effective. 

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2. Spend Time Together-

Children want additional love, care and support in their initial stages, especially when suffering with something so troubling. Parents, instead of giving them gadgets when they need attention, should put their work on hold, and spend quality time together. This is a definite booster of emotional bonds and relationships, between the child and the parent.

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3. Teach Coping Skills-

In a world of harmful coping mechanisms, it is highly important for parents to teach their children healthy ways to cope with stress. They can make them meditate and perform breathing exercises. Motivating them to create artistic items, and inspiring them to learn music, dance, and more, drastically reduces stress.

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4. Make Them Write-

Children sometimes have a hard time expressing themselves and fail to make sense of what goes on in their little minds. It is imperative that they learn to communicate their needs in healthy ways. Writing is one such great method, which enhances their capability of channelising their thoughts and emotions. 

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