Can Stress During Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage: During pregnancy, not only physical but also emotional changes take place in the life of women, due to which they have to face many health problems. There is now tension with such a change. Yes, due to this physical and mental change that happens to women, many women start feeling a lot of stress. In this way, many studies have shown that women who are constantly under stress or feel more stress, have an increased risk of miscarriage. This risk is higher in most women during pregnancy and in the early days of pregnancy.

Can stress really become the cause of miscarriage?
Many scientists believe that stress can start a chain reaction in a woman’s body, during which certain chemicals are produced in the body that have a negative effect on the growing embryo. This theory may also explain why some women experience miscarriages without any medical complications. Constant stress during pregnancy or increased levels of stress can lead to potential pregnancy complications. However, there is no evidence to prove that stress during pregnancy causes miscarriage. However, women should avoid stress during pregnancy to prevent unnecessary complications.

According to a scientific research, when a person is under a lot of stress, the brain starts releasing several hormones including a hormone called CRH (corticotrophin-releasing hormone). CRH can also be produced to stop uterine contractions during delivery, but during chronic stress, the CRH hormone in the uterus can attack mast cells, causing the body to release chemicals that Can trigger miscarriage. In studies, higher levels of CRH have been found in women who have experienced multiple miscarriages than women who have experienced a single miscarriage. But despite this type of research, it remains to be seen whether stress can cause miscarriages. Yes, it cannot be said with full confidence.

Tips to keep stress away during pregnancy-
– Practice deep breathing to keep stress away from yourself during pregnancy.
-Don’t hesitate to get emotional support during pregnancy. Take the help of your family or friends for this. Lighten your heart by sharing your worries and problems with them.
-Avoid giving yourself more stress during pregnancy. Avoid taking on too much work at such times and ask others to help you whenever necessary.
-Make sure you get enough rest and sleep. By taking frequent breaks in between work, you will save yourself from excessive stress.
-Working women talk to their boss to reduce their workload and make it flexible.
– You can also resort to good massage, relaxing spa therapy, reflexology, meditation, yoga and music to stay away from stress.

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