Too much stress can definitely cause health problems. But there are stress responses which are very valuable to humans.

If you encounter a big jellyfish in the sea, you probably panic, your breathing quickens. This is the fight-or-flight response, a stress response that is causing you to react to the stressor – the jellyfish. The value of this stress response is that it allows you to decide what action you need to take.

Stress in children is beneficial for their growth

So in this context, stress can be seen as something that motivates your behaviour. Being stressed means that you are motivated to work towards your goal. Of course, the important thing is not to remain in a stressed state for prolonged periods due to health implications.

Stress in children is beneficial for their growth. It allows them to learn how to tolerate stress, they learn how to self-regulate and develop adaptive coping skills. Offering support is beneficial, but allowing children to arrive at a solution on their own will make them more resilient in the future. 

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