Shark Tank India 2 judge Vinita Singh recently talked about her ‘most difficult’ swimming experience ever. When he/she participated in a triathlon. While swimming, he/she had a panic attack and his/her breath started stopping, but he/she did not give up. he/she has written an inspirational message for his/her children, which is now going viral on social media.

Vineeta Singh has participated in many marathons and triathlons, but what happened to her recently, she considers it the most difficult race ever. Vinita has shared an emotional note on her Instagram.

Sharing a picture, Vinita wrote – ‘I came last.’ After this, she has further written, ‘I have always struggled with swimming. However, unfortunately all triathlons start with a swim. That too happens in the open sea. Last week’s Shivaji Triathlon was the toughest race of my life. There were many waves rising in it and the wind was blowing. Due to this I got panic attack. That too was 1 hour. However, many people boosted my morale. I could not breathe, so I asked them to carry me. I was picked up by the rescue team and I decided to quit, which was very painful for me.

Vinita Singh’s post.

he/she has further written, ‘Shivaji lake was in spate at that time. I didn’t have any courage. While I was coming back in the boat, I saw a brave 9 year old girl fighting the waves and moving forward. I had made up my mind to leave the race. I didn’t even complete the training, but I challenged my mind. There was no timing restriction in the race, so I had no excuses. Due to this I once again jumped into the water.

Vineeta further wrote in her note, ‘I started swimming. The thing which used to be done in 39 minutes, it took me one and a half hours to do it. But finally I came out of the water where everyone had completed their race by 10:30. It took me 12:20 in the afternoon to complete it. 100 Navy men were cheering me on. I express my gratitude to all the people of INS Shivaji. I finally came and told my children that mummy was the last in the race, but mummy has not quitted.

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