My pro tip: Meditate while you’re in the shower. This doesn’t mean you need to sit on the floor and focus on your breath; simply being present in the moment can serve as a mindful activity.

The first step is to make your shower setting as relaxing as possible. This means setting the water to your ideal temperature and calling upon tools like shower bouquets, eucalyptus bundles, essential oils, or even room sprays and pillow mists. This will help set the tone for your shower meditation. Keep an eye out for scents like eucalyptus, chamomile, lavender, or rosemary—anything that will make you stop and say ahhh. 

Before you step in the shower, take three deep and slow breaths. This will help relax your mind before you even step under the spray, which will make the following exercise just a bit easier. 

After you’ve tuned into intentional breathing, it’s time to step in the shower and start practicing visualization. As the warm water runs down your skin, imagine that those droplets have the energy to literally wash away negative thoughts.  

As the water continues to flow over you, try to think about every little thing that may have stressed you out that day, and imagine the water washing it down the drain. Envision light, positive emotions like happiness, relaxation, and bliss coming from the shower head and soaking into your skin. 

You can even do this meditation while washing your hair. In fact, relying on a bit of scalp massage may help relax your physical body even more. Simply take your fingertips (not your nails!) and massage each area of your scalp while envisioning the negative emotions washing out of your strands. 

Bonus: Not only is scalp massage A+ for relaxation but it’s also been shown to improve hair thickness1, thanks to increased circulation. Now, if you want to take this ultra-relaxing ritual to the next level, here are a few ways to upgrade the practice: 

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