The cold, dreary, cloudy days of January often bring with them a bad case of the blues. The sun sets at a ridiculously early time, the excitement of the holiday season is over, we are back to work, school, or whatever our usual routine is, and there’s not a festive gathering in sight. Plus, for some reason, January always feels like an excessively long month. Add to that all the normal life and work worries and stresses, and January can be a very blue month indeed.

January blues often manifest as feelings of sadness, low energy, and a general lack of motivation. Some people experience a more serious depression that can turn out to be Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – a clinical diagnosis that is related to shorter daylight hours. For those, professional help in the form of a licensed therapist may be necessary. If you’re unsure or concerned in any way, talk to your healthcare provider for advice.

What is Blue Monday?

In 2023, Blue Monday, considered the saddest day of the year, falls on the 16th which means it's almost upon us. If you find that you’re feeling sad, unmotivated, and inclined to just spend the day under blankets watching Amazon and Netflix day after day but really want to be at least mildly productive, it may be time to consciously try to banish the blues – at least partially.

Here are some tips and ways to help you get through the January blues.

Get outside

If possible, try to get outside at least once a day, especially if the sun happens to be shining. The Northface Arctic Parka will ensure that you’re warm no matter what the “feels like'' temperature may be.

The North Face



Ever since I was young, reading has always been my escape. Reading allows you to become engrossed in a good story while ignoring the dreary weather outside your window. Plus, a study published in 2021, shows that reading, especially fiction, can ease depression and anxiety.

A Kindle Unlimited Subscription will give you access to 3 million books, thousands of which are also available with Audible narration.

A new Kindle Paperwhite may be just the thing to gift to yourself or a loved one who needs a little bit of escapism in their life (something I personally think we all need some of).


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