Panic attacks are sudden episodes of extreme anxiety and or fear. Some of the symptoms of panic attacks are tingling in the body, excessive sweating, irrational thinking and extreme fear of something. One of the reasons of having a panic attack is anxiety. However, with little care and attention to the body and the mind, we can deal with a panic attack. Addressing this, Therapist Alison Seponara shared a few tips on how to deal with a panic attack and calm the body and the mind. "Knowing what you need in moment of dysregulation is key," wrote the expert. Take a look at the tips suggested by the therapist on how to deal with a panic attack.

How to deal with a panic attack? Therapist shares tips(Pixabay)

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Label it: The first step is to understand that it is a panic attack. We often feel that the surge of emotions is going to stay with us permanently and eventually kill us. However, slowly we need to register a panic attack as one and address it

Deep breathing: Deep breathings techniques help in calming the nervous system. We should breathe slowly for around four seconds through the nose, take a pause and breathe out through the mouth.

Close your eyes: When there are external stimuli acting as triggers for panic attack, we should stop looking at them and instead close our eyes and try to focus on our breathing.

Focus object: In case, we are not able to distract ourselves, we should paint a picture that gives us peace and calm. We should try to focus solely on the picture and try to notice the shape and the colour of it,.

Support: We can also hold a hand of a supportive friend or family member to help us through it. In case, we are alone, we can ask someone to stay with us through the phone as we deal with the panic attack.

Use the senses: Smell a comforting smell or have a warm drink to calm the senses.

Find a safe spot: We should leave a busy room and instead find a spot where we can calm the nervous system.

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