Depending on the time of day that you are working out, determines how you can best prepare for your workout. For example, if you are an early morning runner, you don’t actually need to eat before your workout.

Whereas if you prefer to go to the gym during your lunch hour or after work, you should time a meal and snack carefully with your workout. In general, a full meal can come 2 or 3 hours before your workout and a snack is okay 30 minutes before.

After timing, comes sustenance, make sure you are eating the right thing that will help you and not hinder you. Keep in mind foods that are easy to digest and loaded with energy such as good carbs, protein and natural sugar from fruits.

Here are 10 ideas for your pre-workout snack that are delicious and full of energy to add to your pre-workout routine. 


10 Banana & Nutbutter

Bananas are an unofficial superfood, while they lack the vitamins and nutrients that make them qualify as an actual superfood like avocado or sweet potato, they can be eaten with just about anything, just about anytime.

They are easy to digest and loaded with potassium for fueling you up, plus the perfect balance of natural sugar. The nut butter adds some protein and healthy fat, making it the perfect snack.

9 Toast With Nutbutter

Remember that carbs are not a taboo or your enemy, they are the perfect pre-workout snack because they are the food that actually gives you the energy to burn off. The key is to go whole grain on the bread so that it is giving you good carbs with lots of fiber, and the nut butter adds a little protein and healthy fat.

Dress up your toast with some seeds, berries or fruit for a yummy addition.

8 Your Favorite Oatmeal

Oats are one of the most versatile foods that are healthy and give you energy. From oatmeal to throwing them on top of your yogurt, it is a whole grain that you should embrace either way.

Start the day with some oatmeal, and add more or less whatever you like such as nut butter, berries, bananas or seeds. Oatmeal also makes a great snack if you get hungry mid-morning.

7 Green Smoothies

You have seen them on the internet, the green smoothie and juice craze, but have you tried it? It is easy and celebrities swear by them as the perfect solution to a healthy snack or light meal.

There are a lot of blends out there to try, so do look for your favorite. An easy one is half a cucumber, a banana, and some spinach and adds water. Smoothies in general are a great pre-workout snack, but make sure to avoid things that are high in sugars like concentrated juice. Berries are a great addition to any smoothie and a high-quality protein powder.

6 Eggs

Eggs are a go-to food for anyone, it is the perfect protein for a vegetarian or omnivore, plus it can help wake you up in the morning alongside some avocado toast. Don’t overdo it on eggs, one or two is enough for the day, but definitely use it to your advantage when timing your pre-workout snack.

Whether you eat a boiled egg on its own or pair it with avocado and toast for breakfast, it is the perfect protein boost.

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5 Trailmix

Trailmix is a trick territory because a lot of the store-bought versions contain items that aren’t great such as cereals, pretzels and chocolate-covered items. While they may be delicious, it is not recommended to work out making it a tricky snack that seems good, but actually isn’t.

Make your own trail mix with nuts, seeds and dried fruits to make sure that you are getting just the nutrition you want to give you some energy for your workout.

4 Powerbar

Power bars are another tricky item as the fitness industry advertises them as the perfect snack to prepare for your workout or eat afterward but they are often loaded with sugars and extra calories.

Find a power bar that aligns with your nutrition and more than anything keeps the refined sugars to a minimum.

3 DIY Protein Cookies

If you have been on social media lately, you have noticed the DIY protein cookie trend. And not just cookies but high-protein snacks that have few ingredients, you can make them in bulk and they are healthy versions of your favorite treats.

They usually contain nut butter, oats, banana and some chocolate chips but find your recipe and always have a healthy cookie on hand. You can add this to your meal prep routine to have one each day of the week.

2 Yogurt

Yogurt has just about everything you need including protein and probiotics for a healthy gut, making it easy to digest and also a go-to food to remedy bloating. Decorate it with some oats, granola, berries or seeds for healthy morning meal or pre-workout snack that will keep you full and energized.

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1 Coffee & Fruit

The good news, coffee is workout approved, caffeine can give you an energy boost to maximize your workout. Just make sure to balance the caffeine with water to stay hydrated. Another easy food you can always count on is fruit, it is easily digestible and packed with antioxidants for feeling your best.

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