One tip that I strongly recommend is to not revise every second of the day as although this may seem like a good thing as you’re expanding your knowledge on certain topics, if you are revising too much then you are more likely to forget what you are learning due to overcramming your mind with knowledge. To avoid this situation, it is a good idea to take breaks between each revision session to allow your mind to relax and also to retain the level of focus that you are going to need to continue studying.


Another tip is to make sure that you are sticking to a healthy sleep schedule as if you are staying up till late hours every night your mind is going to be so tired that you’re going to stress more due to not being able to stay awake.This is also going to make all that revision that you are doing a waste of time. If you are struggling to sleep then try tiring your mind out by reading a book or perhaps take a warm hot bath. Avoid at all costs using technology at least half an hour before trying to sleep.


If you suffer with pre-exam anxiety, then make sure to focus on breathing techniques, for example, the box breathing method. In your mind imagine a 


box in front of you and as you breathe in hold your breath for 4 seconds. As you breathe out continue to draw the box. Repeat this method until you feel calmer. This is key as often you begin to focus on the bigger things going on around you and forget what is really important to the point they may become out of control. 


If you follow at least some of these tips, I can guarantee that on the build up to your exams you will feel calmer and very well prepared.

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