How Gender Inequality Stress Impacts Women’s Brain
Societal expectations and stereotypes related to gender roles can create additional pressures in women.

Women tend to be more vulnerable to stress then men. Gender inequality can also contribute to stress in women.

We are all aware of the impact that stress can have on one's mental health. While stress affects individuals regardless of gender, women are believed to be more predisposed to stress than men. Women are also more likely to suffer from mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety. Moreover, women face unique challenges and stressors due to gender inequality. Several factors can contribute to making women more vulnerable to stress that can negatively impact their well-being. Let's talk about how gender inequality stress impacts women's brain.

Women and Stress

Dr Shuchin Bajaj, Founder & Director Ujala Cygnus group of Hospitals, says, "Gender equality is a fundamental principle that promotes social and economic progress for both women and men. It seeks to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities, rights, and treatment regardless of their gender. However, it is important to acknowledge that women may face unique challenges and stressors in societies where gender equality is not fully realized. Discrimination, gender-based violence, unequal access to education and healthcare, and limited opportunities for career advancement can all contribute to stress and negatively impact women's well-being."

"These challenges can have psychological and emotional effects, such as increased stress levels, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, societal expectations and stereotypes related to gender roles can create additional pressures. It is crucial to address these issues by advocating for gender equality and creating supportive environments for women. By promoting equal opportunities, providing access to resources, and challenging harmful gender norms, we can work towards a more equitable society that benefits both women and men," he adds.

However, he notes that stress and its impacts on mental health are not exclusive to women or gender equality issues. Stress affects individuals regardless of gender, and efforts should be made to support the well-being of all individuals in society.

How to Overpower Stress

"We're living in incredibly stressful times, and women everywhere are feeling it. But we have power over stress. The more we shore up our wellbeing, the more we can curb its harmful effects," states Prakriti Poddar, Global Head, Mental Health & Wellbeing, RoundGlass.

Talking about how stress can damage our brain, she says, "While distressing, these findings align with what we know about stress and the brain. Stress impairs our minds making it harder to focus, perform mental tasks, and keep our mood in check. And over time, chronic stress can actually reshape the brain, shrinking the grey matter that's essential for learning, memory, and emotions."

Prakriti says she swears by breathing techniques to beat stress. She shares, "Right now, I'm excited about the research into breathwork. Certain breathing patterns act like a tranquilizer for the nervous system, halting the stress response in its tracks. Whenever I'm overwhelmed, I like to use 4-7-8 breathing. I breathe in for a count of four, hold for seven, then exhale to a count of eight. After a few rounds, I can feel the tension melting."

She also underscores that a healthy diet is crucial for good mental health.

"Women should also look to add strength to their plates by including foods rich in healthy fats and fortifying nutrients like iron and calcium. Food is fuel, and studies show gut health is closely tied to mental health. Eating microbiome-friendly fiber and fermented foods can directly influence your mood and even stave off depression."

Why women are more stressed than men?

Prakriti opines, "For many women, the greatest source of stress comes from within. We put pressure on ourselves to be and do more, resulting in a cycle of overgiving without filling our own cups. But we're not helping anyone if we end up burned out and depleted. The world is a better place when we prioritize quality sleep, tension-relieving movement, and guilt-free breaks."

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