Everyone above the age of 25 in India, as well as in any other developing nation in the globe, should live a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy heart. Health and fitness professionals point out that there have been several recent changes to eating habits, drinking, smoking, accepted limits for these harmful habits, and most importantly, the abundance of food that is readily available.

Here are some important habits which can curb a heart attack:

 Dietary modification

Eat sensibly and make wise decisions when it comes to eating. Reduce your intake of fried foods, fast service restaurants, and salty foods. Avoid double-cheese pizza and go for simple meals that are low in salt and sugar.


Burning off extra fat and calories throughout your body is crucial and can lower your risk of developing a heart attack in particular.

Carefully examine your family tree

Recognizing the risks associated with developing any form of cardiovascular illness, including heart attacks, paralysis, renal disease, and the mysterious loss of fingers and toes as a result of artery blockages. If your family has a heart attack index case, it will likely be one of the parents or a very close generation of kin, such as uncles and aunts, if the heart attack happened around the age of 50. Since you may have a reassuringly high chance of developing yours after the age of 35, you should start monitoring yourself.

Manage your stress

Physical, mental, emotional, and psychological issues of all types are greatly influenced by stress. Chronic stress often referred to as ongoing stress, can result in poor lifestyle choices including smoking, binge drinking, skipping workouts, and overeating, all of which have negative effects on the heart. It is crucial to manage stress well. Numerous techniques, such as deep breathing, yoga, setting aside time for hobbies, etc can help relieve stress if used regularly.

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