Health Benefits Of Tulsi: A Tulsi plant in the balcony of the house is not only religiously approved but in Ayurveda it is considered a boon for health. A person can get rid of many diseases by consuming Tulsi leaves daily. Let’s know about these few benefits of consuming Tulsi leaves.

Remove bad breath
Bad breath is removed by cleaning teeth by mixing dry leaves of Tulsi with mustard oil. Apart from this, chewing Tulsi leaves also gets rid of problems like bad breath and pyorrhea.

sore throat
A decoction of Tulsi leaves can be used to relieve sore throat.

Breathing problem-
A decoction made by mixing honey, ginger and basil relieves bronchitis, asthma, cough and cold. A decoction made with salt, cloves and basil leaves also gives relief in influenza.

heart disease-
Tulsi helps to keep heart diseases at bay by reducing cholesterol levels in the blood.

Tulsi has anti-stress properties. Consuming Tulsi leaves also removes stress. To keep stress away, a person should consume 12 leaves of Tulsi twice a day.

transition –
Chewing a few leaves of Tulsi daily reduces the risk of infection. Ringworm, itching and other skin problems can be relieved by applying Tulsi extract on the affected area for a few days.

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