My name is Alisha this is my sun conure Phoxy (aka Phoxy-Doo) I took her to the vet on Dec. 21st because she started to self-mutilate her belly. The avian vet took x-rays an exam and a overnight bloodwork to identify material that she ate and was stuck in her gizzard and crop. The vet told me that she was going to be fine and that this wasn't a very critical illness and that he was confident she was going to be fine. While we were waiting for the bloodwork we were treating her belly wound and the vet recommended that I treat her at home. The bloodwork came back negative for two of the heavy metals so the vet started her on another medication to break down other possible toxins and if this didn't work next would be surgery. He wanted me to provide the treatment at home even though she was very weak, breathing heavily, very stressed and in a lot of pain and told me he would check in on us in two days. during the second dose of medication, she had what I think was a heart attack in my hands on Tuesday, Jan.3rd because of the stress, breathing issues and toxins in her body for too long of a period. She just was too weak to go on. It's been really hard for me, I should have had many more years with her and having her die suddenly in my arms was traumatic for me.

She was my sunshine bird of 14 years. She was loved by everyone with her sweet demeanor and playful personality.

My vet bills have totaled $2400 and I'm struggling to pay them while attending school to get my teaching credential and working two jobs to stay afloat financially. Will you help me to pay Phoxy's vet bills? I am grateful for any donation amount.

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